506. Leah Cox

Leah CoxAfter graduating in French from the University of Exeter and working for several years in conventional jobs in London, Leah found herself deeply unhappy; struggling with feelings of depression, anxiety, disordered eating, an intense feeling of being a ‘wrong’ human being, and a desperation to ‘find her purpose’.

In 2012, she embarked on a journey of self discovery, but even after several years of personal and spiritual growth, she found herself in all the same cycles.

In 2016, through grace, good luck and some wonderful people, Leah experienced her first true spiritual awakening, seeing through the illusion of the separate self and knowing herself clearly as the one Love that we all are. For the very first time, she knew true peace, happiness and freedom. Most importantly, the feeling of being a ‘wrong’ human being left her completely.

Since that time, her journey has been one of ongoing learning, integration and unfolding.

Leah works with clients one-on-one and runs online and in person classes and workshops to support others’ journeys of healing, awakening and following the call of the heart. Known for her tender, playful and (sometimes) fiery spirit, her message is simple: you are already whole, you are already worthy and you are never, ever outside the gates of Love.

Website: leahmarjoriecox.com

Interview recorded June 8, 2019.

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505. Justin Gold (J Jaye Gold)

Justin GoldJ. Jaye Gold has been assisting people in their search for inner meaning for 35 years. He is currently living in the Sierra foothills of Northern California where he works with several dozen seekers of truth.

Over the years he has deliberately resisted the trend to become a “traveling guru” with thousands of followers, in favor of preserving an element that he considers precious – that of maintaining opportunities for developing a meaningful teacher/student relationship. He is available to anyone who seeks his guidance, and asks for no payment in return.



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Interview recorded June 1, 2019

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501. Daniel Schmidt

Daniel SchmidtDaniel is the creator of the award-winning film “Inner Worlds Outer Worlds” as well as the ongoing “Samadhi” series. He is also the founder of the Awaken The World initiative whose purpose is to bring the ancient teachings of Samadhi back to the world for free (in as many languages as possible) Daniel’s approach combines self-inquiry with traditional forms meditation so that participants have the opportunity to simultaneously realize their transcendent nature, and to purify themselves of conditioned patterns. The pathless path is to realize an ever-deepening development process within the self-structure, and to simultaneously realize what is always already beyond the self-structure. Samadhi is when the world that is constantly changing merges or unites with the changeless.

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Interview recorded May 6, 2019

Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.