128. Bill Bauman

Bill BaumanBill Bauman is one of the simplest people you’ll ever meet—he just “is.” Yet, his core essence calls him daily into selfless, expansive service to a human family he loves deeply. He feels called to be the voice of the purest truth possible—a truth without beliefs, complexities or codes of conduct … that speaks purely to each person’s soul … that carries genuine unconditional love and respect. In this sacred space of being and allowing, Bill believes that each person is free to discover his or her own truth, love and empowerment—from within. Bill is a unique blend of many perspectives. Through his life, he has lived sequentially and powerfully in the diverse worlds of philosophy, religion, psychology, business, politics and spirituality. Spiritually, he’s been a gifted healer, blessed visionary and inspirational leader. In the process, these many worlds and worldviews have found a unified home in Bill’s consciousness. He is one with them all—and one with all people and approaches. Peacefully and quietly, he embraces everything, and enjoys a daily unity with life itself.

Interview recorded 6/23/2012

Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.

Bill’s side of the video is “frozen” during the first 5 minutes of this interview, but is normal after that.

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  1. Thank you Rick and Bill for a wonderful interview. I enjoyed Bill’s great simplicity and joy. It was not difficult to perceive that he is an ultra sensitive which has also been my lot in life and so I get so much of what he says. Being very sensitive is a curse and a blessing all at the same time. All the world’s pain and suffering are constantly experienced. The heart is left completely open and vulnerable. In my case, animal suffering is particularly unbearable. There is also the painful witnessing of man’s apparent inhumanity which in fact is borne out of childlike fears. Despite all that I have witnessed that is apparently negative, it has been surprising to me how high my expectations are of human beings. We also share that inner guidance, to me a soundless voice, which has constantly nudged me succintly, very lovingly and with such humor and jealously kept me away from any outside teacher. There have been several dark nights of the soul which have thankfully brought me to a place of great joy and peace and beauty and utter simplicity. It is absolute happiness to be able to just let go, sit back, grab the popcorn and just enjoy the show.

  2. A beautiful man with something to say about living Divine Love…Whether we are pulled from within, or without by Grace, no matter, it’s the ‘willingness’ to heed the call of Truth, and go to the depths of ourselves that counts..really enjoyed this one..

  3. I cannot but be amused by the synchronicity of it all given the last series of blog post discussions. A wonderful man.

  4. Bill seems like a lovely man.

    Then I looked on his website. He charges $900 for a half-day intensive and $1800 for a full day. He adds caveats to this: “I do not make it a practice to be available for personal crises on an emergency basis. I recognize and respect that we all need someone to be there for us in a time of crisis, but I strongly do not feel called to serve that role…”; and “Also, I am not available for short follow-up consultations after our session. That includes that quick phone call that you might want to make to me to double check something I said, or to get a further insight into something that we dealt with, or just to chat…”

    So, he just rocks up, cashes in (big time) and then washes his hands of you? Not at all impressive.

  5. I echo Bill Bauman’s thanks to you Rick. One of the most heart lifting intereviews.

  6. I’m thrilled to hear Bill mention his experience with “unlearning” or dis-creating (my preferred descriptor) the incredibly layered belief systems that he was unawaringly subscribing to (48.10 into the discussion).

    I would like to encourage Bill, however, to consider that their isn’t a “bottom” to that practice, as he mentioned he reached. It’s a practice that benefits us until our last breath.

    I was also thrilled to hear him mention that all forms (material, cognitive, and otherwise) have a FEEL to them. And their FEEL is readily accessible after you disrobe yourself of the many layers of beliefs that encumber you.

    Thanks for surfacing both of those significant observations to our viewing/listening audience, Bill.

  7. As Dany mentioned, I also checked Bill’s website and felt very uncomfortable as well. I really don’t know what to make of it.

  8. Dany
    It seems as though almost everyone in the spiritual realm is charging big bucks today for Truth – sigh – and I agree it’s difficult to reconcile that with the descriptions of complete lack of ego..

    I think perhaps it helps to have a ‘living’ teacher around who can give us guidance – so that our supposed ‘divine gifts’ don’t go to our heads and we stay on course..Awakening can be a heady thing…My model for humility is Pamela Wilson who still barely charges for her time..

    In the View here, I’m not sure that if someone is truly at rest in the Self, living in complete freedom – that they would be terribly interested in money beyond survival needs…and they certainly would be conscientious about follow up…
    So yes – disappointing in this regard with Bill, but still in all, I liked what he had to say and how he said it – so let’s hope he comes to his senses and realizes that no one is more ‘special’ than anyone else – awake or not – that those prices he’s charging are outrageous – and also, that if we take someone on as a student, we enter into a sacred contract with them which we need to honor – to see them through the difficult times…

  9. Enjoyed the talk as well. Just to be clear about Bill’s prices, the $900 and $1800 are for one-on-one intensives, still a lot for sure, but didn’t want anyone to think it was otherwise.
    My sense is a longer time than 45 minutes or an hour could be quite helpful with the right teacher. I wish more teachers offered that. Might be good for a “slow starter” like myself.

  10. Why does it matter how much he charges for private sessions?

    His prices for larger group workshops don’t seem out of line compared to other healers/teachers/etc. His books and cds also seem reasonable.

    He is just one person, with just 24 hours in a day. I have no idea how busy he might be with other things. He might be quite busy with a lot of responsibilities so by charging more, he limits the amount of people to work with. Also his time may be more valuable than most, if he’s going to devote a whole day to a client, he might be taking that away from other businesses or projects that may bring in similar amount of income.

    Also he doesn’t seem to be solely focused on teaching spiritual awakening. He also seems to delve into motivation, leadership, complete total growth (ultimate human), healing, mentoring, consulting, personal growth, etc. The whole motivational speaker industry is well known for charging much more than spiritual teachers. Mostly because these other type topics have a much broader appeal.

    But… I can’t say whether his workshops, mentoring, teaching, lectures, one-on-one sessions offer any value. That would take more time to evaluate, and also maybe researching objective feedback from prior participants.

    However, if he wants to run an educational and teaching type business. Then that’s his right and prerogative. America is a capitalistic economy. Money is just a means of exchange. It’s not inherently good or bad.

    If I thought he was running some sort of scam, then that would be a valid issue to criticize him over. Over charging for teachings with little value. Or intentionally misleading people, irresponsibly dealing with students, abusive behavior, overly manipulative methods, etc.


    seems like there are 2 instant taboo’s within spiritual community….

    Sexual infidelity and seeking profit/money abuse.

    Why do those things instantly bring judgement?

    Does the self really care? Can you prove it? Is it really true? Can you absolutely know that it’s true? How do you react when you believe that thought? Isn’t it just a thought? Are any thoughts really true?

  11. Good work if you can get it, I suppose. Those who defend charging for any alleged “truth” are those that would like to do the same it seems.

  12. “Sexual infidelity and seeking profit/money abuse. Why do those things instantly bring judgement?” – Valentino

    It’s not that difficult of a dynamic to understand.

    First, you create an IDEAL about X. Then you subscribe to it as the definitive “truth” about X.

    Along comes a deviation from that ideal, and the deviation gets interpreted as a deviance.

    Not an uncommon dynamic. Once the foundation of an ideal has been laid.

  13. The Truth in invaluable. But as a Zen saying goes, there’s an aspect of this business that is like “selling water by the river”. 🙂

    (Still a guy/gal needs to charge for living expenses, organizational overhead, logistics, … charge for his/her time, perhaps have special expertise in dealing with psychological issues, dealing with the “unwinding”, etc. A person may want a certain standard of living. Who am I to judge?)

    Nowadays, it’s not a problem given that there are so many offerrings that anyone can enter at any price point. And the amount charged does not correlate with quality. To each his/her own.

  14. I have to say that in my own case, the price point was a powerful reminder of my own capability to navigate my own path. It would probably be pretty sweet spending half a day speaking with Mr. Bauman. But for the amount of energy it would take me to raise that much cash, I could invest an awful lot in my personal development with the tools I already have!

  15. I enjoyed this interview and Bill’s insights. It’s as he says though…….along with oneness there is the uniqueness in each of us. I must agree that Bill’s marketing style, specifically his fees, are unique and a bit over the top just like his town……Las Vegas. Different strokes for different folks however and I won’t throw the baby out with the bath water. I also won’t be spending any one on one time with him. Rick is communicating without charging a penny and, for me, that’s where the seeds of success begin. It’s about his passion and he’s doing great work. We should all continue to donate to this site and make it easier for him to put things out there because he’s got it all going on as far as how he’s developing his expression/ contribution/website. He’s a very authentic and talented interviewer. I like that he doesn’t ask for money but asks us to contribute what we feel we can. That’s a loving attitude and a strings free contribution to the truth.

  16. Pam – I totally agree with what you say about Rick. For me, one of the things I enjoy most about these interviews is Rick himself.

    And yes, let’s all donate and do our part to keep this going. There is a huge amount of work that goes into this.

    Cheers, Larry.

  17. You probably have to be American to understand this money thing. In my eyes he is just a clever businessman. Anybody who falls for him and is willing to spend so much money must be totally deluded.
    No idea why you had to interview him, well, good advertisement for him though.

  18. To charge so much for “selling water by the river” evokes a kind of repulsion. I agree with what Jill wrote: “In the View here, I’m not sure that if someone is truly at rest in the Self, living in complete freedom – that they would be terribly interested in money beyond survival needs”.

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