129. Trip Overholt

Trip OverholtOn the heels of an awakening experience in 2006 not unlike that of the many avant-garde sages Trip Overholt would later interview, intense interest in the nature of this present reality persisted without let up.  This led to an opportunity to co-host a  radio show, Conversations With Avant-Garde Sages, show casing the wisdom and experiences of unknown sages in our midst. After three years and about 80 interviews, favorite conversations were edited and compiled (by co-host John Troy) into a free Ebook available at  TheWizardllc.com.

A “happiness pragmatist” Overholt’s paradigm shift from the material to the non-physical “spiritual” essence of reality has borne three delicious fruits he’d like to share.  First, there is a comfortability in his own skin, not there prior that has led to more rewarding relationships across the board.  Secondly, radiant causeless joy is available when attention is merely turned inward.  And finally, there is a capacity for seeing the divinity of all others and of the world that allows for more complete engagement of whatever shows up in the present moment.  Heaven on earth is possible here and now and it is Trip’s calling to be a rock of conviction of that possibility for others who find themselves on the pathless path back to themselves.

Trip’s website: http://www.thewizardllc.com/

Interview recorded 7/7/2012

Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.

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  1. Hi Trip —
    It’s interesting to note that those who ‘apparently’ awakened without a teacher come forth with the notion that a teacher is not needed, and those who have awakened with a teacher, think that’s the way to go..We then teach from what we know..how it was for us, and then others listening resonate with either point of view..
    I think that we can both agree that this thing we call awakening – can happen at any time any place any how…at the bus stop – at the movies – changing a diaper..I’ve heard it all – the 39th step turns into the 40th – etc etc.. – but probability says – when a body is in the field of heightened awareness – around one who is of Silent Mind – where unconditional Love reigns – there is a quickening – an enlivenment of the physiology – so I’d say the likelihood of it happening in that arena, rather than on the bus, is far greater…

    This Silent Grace that the teachers from Ramana or Adya’s lineage or Nisargadattas’s people are transmitting to the world is not some sort of woo woo or something someone is projecting or injecting into another’s body – no one is doing anything deliberately – but if we are familiar with Silence – and not of the walking dead, we can surely feel that something alchemical occurs and it is quite powerful..and I maintain..ultimately transformative.. –

    Even through e-mails or postings on line -if one is sensitive -the Silence of an awake one can be felt..and can awaken a ripe seeker..mysteriously – Up close and personal of course it’s even more engaging..and yes many may need more time spent with Silent Mind on retreats etc – than others, but eventually if the seeker is sincere, IT wins..

    Because the final awakening here happened in the Presence of a teacher – naturally I’m a firm believer in putting oneself as close to the fire of Truth as we dare..Lord knows people don’t have all the time in the world to just hit the local bar and wait..

    and even after awakening – while the conditioning is still dissolving – lest the ego rears it’ head – I think it’s good to drink of the wisdom and clarity that an awake guide is offering – until we are completely empty of self – clear of all delusions – in love with all that is – and all questions are answered from within..

    I’m sure your ongoing association with the Wizard – and his Presence in your life – had a little something to do with your awakening, no?


  2. Trip:
    I’m just recalling a segment during the post game show where you say something along the lines of:
    I’d rather have the conviction that the world is good, which brings such joy, then the conviction that the world is a rock floating in space. And further, that you preferred the conviction that there was no space between you and the Adyas and Pamelas, in terms of depth of realisation, because it brings a sense of joy and peace.

    I think Rick touched on this, but isn’t it the unchanging experience of Truth which brings joy and peace, rather than a preferred conviction for this or that? And by conviction, it soulds like more of an intuitive or intellectual conviction than The Conviction. If you’re reading, if you could elaborate on this. And open to all, of course.

  3. Jill:

    This is an interesting and subtle subject.
    Can you please elaborate on after awakening, this notion of dissolving of conditionings, and the possibility of ego re-rooting?


  4. HS –

    If you look/inquire, what you find is that there is always somebody home…Aware Presence, your True Nature, uninterruptedly knowing itself. With your eyes open or closed, do you ever not know that you are? Try not knowing that you are. That knowing is who you are. Once you know who you are, the question, “am I Awake?” is laughable, and there is no going back. There is nowhere to go without being there, Wide Awake.

    Personal identification/ego is nothing more than the thoughts that say there is such a thing. Take away the thought “I am Heat Seeker, and one day I’ll be Awake”, and what do you find, but Silent Awake Aware Presence? True Self Inquiry is simply moving attention from the coming and going thoughts, to Aware Presence – yourSelf. The more you attend to yourSelf, the more established you become as yourSelf, until there is no longer any doubt about who you are. Personal identification, doubt, worry, fear begin to fall away when they’re allowed to – when they’re not being fed. Self Inquiry is the direct path to knowing/being yourSelf, through the practice of knowing/being yourSelf. Nothing more, nothing less.

    I’m not sure what you can or can’t get from a teacher, and I would never discourage anyone from finding one, but Awake is what you already are, despite thinking otherwise. The book Jill recommended said that the mind’s best defense is to imagine that we’re already awake. If that’s the case, it’s second best is imagining we’re not.

  5. Steve:
    I agree. But in the same post, you acknowledge that there is a moving towards a deeper unchanging state. And that self-inquiry, for you, can help to bring things along. So we can agree that havins some glimpses, is not the same as being fully established as Presence. Before that occurs, it is a partly experiential and partly intellectual conviction. And I say that isn’t pure Knowing. And moreover, until that occurs, there is room, however subtly, for mind/ego/doubt to creep back in and re-establish the illusion of separation, to whatever degree. So that a Teacher is invaluable, all the way up until one becomes fully established as Self.

  6. I always like an occasion when I can bring out my favorite quote.

    “When we begin to practice ātma-vichāra — self-investigation or self-attentiveness — we are starting a process that will escalate with ever-increasing momentum, like a snowball rolling down a hill, because the more we attend to ‘I am’, the more clearly we will experience it, and the more clearly we experience it, the more brightly the clarity of true vivēka will shine in our heart, thereby enabling us to free ourself from our desires and to love to be self-attentive ever more intensely, until eventually our mind will be swallowed forever in the absolute clarity of pristinely pure self-consciousness.” ~ Michael James

    Depending on the inquirer, of course, the snowball can move towards the bottom of the hill surprisingly fast. I’m not saying my mind has been swallowed forever, but it’s well on the way. I’ve had the glimpses HS. I know who I am.

    I’m not trying to talk you out of your relationship with a teacher. Are you trying to talk me into one?

  7. HS
    I think the ego/mind is capable of asserting itself at any time during the de-conditioning process…We are always vulnerable to this in the space between awakening and freedom..Desires and avoidances arise based on our conditioning that simply do not serve..and the energy brings them all to the surface..to be seen through…not a bad thing at all..

    I wouldn’t exactly call it re-rooting of ego- since it was never really rooted to begin with – just an illusion that fights for survival at times -so checking in with a teacher seems to make sense until there is an automatic momentum in place that is always seeing through the pitfalls..After a certain point, the life’s drama, which is all mind created, ceases..

    I would say from observation and experience that the ego/mind is much less likely to assert itself and cause much trouble post awakening if – A, there’s been a true and profound awakening – and B, the commitment to Truth is strong enough to override any arising..

    I don’t think you my friend have anything to worry about..you are true – and your teacher is – so not a problem..

    On a personal note – when some arrogance arose here from my TM background after awakening with Pamela – and I started questioning whether this was the highest level, blah blah blah – she encouraged me to go to Neelam’s satsang..

    So I did..and one night I raised my hand and started in with my TM blather about higher states of consciousness, and Maharishi said this or that etc etc..Neelam just gave me a look that I still remember to this day…She didn’t say a word, just stared at me for maybe only a few minutes but that seemed a lot longer..The burning was tremendous..throughout the head – and the Silence was profound – I was immediately reminded of who I was and the brief delusion I’d been under…thinking there was anything other than this LOVE…

  8. Jill:
    Really well put!
    I’d like to put it on general or the latest interview so more people will see it.
    Minus the me part.

  9. It seems to me that Trips own words are that he is locked into a view point of how one should proceed that is exploring each others Divinity without a teacher is best. Of course this one view point invites all the differing ones. I have been part of groups that formed from being together with each other in a teachers presence and they did not work very well for very long. Usually imploded into conflict of opinions and judgments after a few meetings. I have found it beneficial to notice how my energy is different in a realized beings presence and looking athttp://batgap.com/wp-admin/profile.php what is really different. Maybe if a number of people in a group are already established in non dual reality then it would be different but then that would not be too different than being with a teacher. Anyone who doesn’t believe a teacher is important to awakening has likely never really worked with one.

  10. Thanks rick the honesty and sincerity of this interveiw was most fullfilling and beneficial for me so far….I love it :)

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