422. John Lockley

John LockleyJohn Lockley is a traditionally trained African Shaman known as a Sangoma from Nelson Mandela’s tribe, the Xhosa nation.

He also has a background in Zen Buddhism and was a student of the late Zen Master Su Bong from South Korea.

He holds an honors degree in Clinical Psychology and specialised in health psychology with an interest in trauma and how people recover from life threatening illnesses like cancer.

For the last 10 years, he has been running ‘Ubuntu’ (humanity) retreats worldwide helping people to reconnect to their essential humanity; their bones (ancestors), dreams, and ultimately, life purpose. His mission in the Western world could be summed up in the Xhosa word ‘Masiyembo’ – involving a profound remembering of the human spirit. As John says, “when people can remember their dreams and connect to their life purpose, then their true vocation surfaces; namely being in service and acting as guardians to our planet”.

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Interview recorded October 15, 2017.

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414. Christina Donnell

Christina DonnellChristina Donnell, Ph.D. is best known as a spiritual teacher, mystic and author. She is the Director of The Winds of Change Association, an educational organization dedicated to offering programs that tend our evolving human consciousness.

In her book, Transcendent Dreaming: Stepping into Our Human Potential, she chronicles quantum states of awareness in which the participatory nature of perception impacts our visible world. It is a deep foray into truths about our human potential—a new distribution of our resources, and a way to know unity consciousness and be its agent in the world. Transcendent Dreaming won multiple awards for its timely and relevant message which urges us all to tap into the hidden potential within us.

Christina conveys a simple yet profound message: Through deepening receptive awareness the participatory nature of perception unfolds and the transfiguration of our consciousness occurs. She is a natural born, pragmatic, mystic and teacher who shares her message worldwide via public lectures, teaching, keynote addresses, and wisdom talks. Many of which benefit independent spiritual centers. The fusion of her unique lyrical prose style with her transmission of the unseen brings a sense of discovery to all audiences.

Christina was initiated as a medicine woman by the Q’ero Indians of the High Andes and has worked closely with them for 25 years. Inspired by the cultural shifts and changing human values on a planetary scale, she is dedicated to cultivating and awakening the potency of the human spirit. Christina maintains a small consultation practice along with her teaching commitments.


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Interview recorded August 26, 2017.

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353. Tree

Tree Wiseblood“The spiritual journey does not consist in gaining what a person does not have, but in dissipation of ignorance concerning himself and life, and the growth of understanding which begins with spiritual awakening. To find God is to come to one’s own self.” – Avatar Meher Baba.

No longer the person with its conditioning and history, here now there is only this and the overall feeling is “I don’t mind.” No fear, no push, a great emptiness that is also a rich and all-pervading fullness. Here there is silence, peace and an exquisite sense of joy. Here it feels so light there is no distance, ‘marinating in the self.’ It is as if nothing is happening here yet happening graciously unfolds.

To look back at the dream, the necessary mistaken identity, it seemed like so much happened. Personhood was such psychological suffering. Separation, a feverish, fearful struggle, always restless, dissatisfied, looking outside for love and fulfillment. Now peace, and love reside here.

I have spent thirty years with Avatar Meher Baba in deep devotion. Baba has administered his kiss and his kick, expertly unraveling the ego identity. Longing for the truth and with nothing more to express in this life, I knew I was going to die, not sure if it was the body or the ego, I completely surrendered.

Shortly after, whilst watching Mooji on the net, he pointed, and I said with total conviction, “I am That”. In that recognition I hysterically and uncontrollably laughed for hours. When I could hardly breathe from the laughter and I asked God to help me, the laughter only escalated. The funniest thing, the divine joke was that I knew I had always been that.

I love Meher Baba and Mooji – the brightest reflections of the true self I know. It is quiet here as I experience the bliss and love of the self.

Sapphire Coast Tension and Stress Release

Facebook page: Awakening Through the Body

Interview recorded 7/9/2016

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352. Will Brennan

Will BrennanWhat I share is not based on spiritual, philosophical or psychological theory alone, but on direct insight. There is an unchanging awareness of all phenomena that is not tarnished by the coming and going of temporal expressions.

This unchanging awareness could be called the ‘Still Self” as it is the one constant that witnesses the dynamic play of consciousness in all its guises. To recognise that there is a greater power that is not prone to suffering or corruption is to begin to awaken to our ‘Undivided Self.’ Within this dynamic play of life there is also a ‘functioning sense of self’ that allows for the beauty of relationship, creating the impression of ‘me’ and ‘other.’ But the possibility of this imaginal separation can create such confusion and suffering when taken to be all that we are.

My joy as a simple Being is to point you back to your ‘True Self,’ like a bird greeting the morning sun, my nature is to sing.

All phenomena, whether that form be a thought, body, planet, smell, theory, ant or cloud is bound by the law of impermanence, for whatever comes must go, whatever is born will die.

Yet all phenomena arise within this unbounded awareness, the sole unchanging reality.

All of manifestation sings the song of the unborn ‘Still Self’ for those who have ears to hear.

And when this unchanging nature is realized to be our ‘Self,’ then we may also come to see that this dynamic play of consciousness is no other than a clear expression of the divinity that we are. What we are as aware stillness and what we are as dynamic consciousness are not two irreconcilable opposing forces but an inseparable mystery I like to call ‘dynamic stillness.’

Book: Embracing No Other: Awakening through shamanic plant medicines to non-dual awareness of no-self

Website: embracingnoother.com

Interview recorded 7/2/2016

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309. Clare Blanchflower

Clare BlanchflowerClare originates from London, UK. After studies in Interior and Spatial Design she entered creative academic life and became an Associate Lecturer and Studio Leader in Conceptual Design at Chelsea College of Art – University of the Arts, London.

In 1994 she found herself in a 9 year journey with a chronic debilitating illness that led her deep within and into the practice of Sivananda Yoga and Meditation and eventually to Tibetan Medicine. She apprenticed in Tibetan medicine and spiritual philosophy for 5 years. Following this, she trained in Massage Therapy and Maya Abdominal Therapy and set up a healing practice for women.

In August 2007, she followed a soul call and immigrated to Vancouver Island, BC, Canada where she continued her work with women—healing wombs, counselling and teaching feminine embodiment, yoga and meditation.

From a very early age Clare had a sense that she was part of something ‘greater’ that she could not quite see and her search for what was ‘missing’ started in earnest. Her ‘story’ was of a life committed to seeking – truth, love, meaning, purpose, contentment and freedom and through years of searching and some profound awakening experiences she found a degree of peace supported by a devoted spiritual practice.

In November 2012 during a satsang with Lorne and Lucia Hoff she experienced an awakening shift that changed her life beyond recognition.  A shift out of identification with a separate self into unbounded present moment awareness.

Soon after she experienced two other clear shifts, revealing unity, God knowing, reality, totality and an indescribable supreme wordless peace beyond consciousness, nothingness. The embodiment and refinement of awakening and resting in the fullness of these realizations continues to unfold and evolve living as life itself.

Clare speaks from direct experience of the natural reality of Awakening.

She communicates from Self to Self, embracing human nature with graceful kindness while directly pointing to what is real and true. Clare invites you to rest in the silent stillness of natural Being and discover the wholeness that you are and have always been.

She writes poetry, facilitates Awakening Body – The Yoga of Presence and shares the joyful truth of Being in Satsang meetings and private sessions, classes and retreats.

She lives on Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada. She is available in person, by internet and travels by invitation.



Clare Blanchflower in Panel at Sofia U. Part 1 | Part 2


Interview recorded 9/25/2015.

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