614. Clay Lomakayu Miller

Clay Lomakayu MillerClay Lomakayu Miller lives in Cottonwood, Arizona, just outside of Sedona, where he has been serving clients from all over the world to assist them in living at the center of the circle of who they are. Medicine of One is the outcome of this service. It is a nondual shamanic path that has formed from his work with clients for 25 years and his time in the Ancient sacred land of the Southwest. He uses a unique form of healing called Soul Dreaming to help free people from the stories from their past so they may gift the world their true presence. He is also the creator of Primordial Movements for trauma and emotional integration. He considers his primary service as the sharing of Medicine of One. At his side are his Wolf-Dog Helpers assisting people with their presence and love. Medicine of One is summed up in the One Noble truth, which is to live at the center where, from true being, comes our true doing. The first action is the True Action of self Love.

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Interview recorded September 4, 2021

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545. HeatherAsh Amara

HeatherAsh Amara is the Warrior Goddess Mama and creatrix of The Warrior Heart practice. She is dedicated to inspiring depth, creativity, and joy by sharing the most potent tools from a variety of world traditions. Raised in Southeast Asia, HeatherAsh has traveled the world from childhood and is continually inspired by the diversity and beauty of human expression and experience. She brings this open-hearted, inclusive worldview to her writings and teachings.

HeatherAsh is the author of numerous books, including the bestselling:

Website: heatherashamara.com

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Interview recorded April 10, 2020.

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478. Sandra Ingerman

Sandra IngermanSandra Ingerman, MA, is an award-winning author of twelve books, including:

She is the presenter of eight audio programs produced by Sounds True, and she is the creator of the Transmutation App. Sandra is a world-renowned teacher of shamanism and has been teaching for more than 30 years. She has taught workshops internationally on shamanic journeying, healing, and reversing environmental pollution using spiritual methods. Sandra is recognized for bridging ancient cross-cultural healing methods into our modern culture addressing the needs of our times.

Sandra is known for gathering the global spiritual community together to perform powerful transformative ceremonies as well as inspires us to stand strong in unity so we do our own spiritual and social activism work while keeping a vision of hope and being a light in the world.

She is passionate about helping people to reconnect with nature. Since the 1980’s thousands of people have healed from past and present traumas through the classic cross-cultural shamanic healing method Sandra teaches called Soul Retrieval.

She is a licensed marriage and family therapist and professional mental health counselor. She is also a board-certified expert on traumatic stress. Sandra was chosen as one of the Top 10 Spiritual Leaders of 2013 by Spirituality and Health Magazine.

Sandra has two new books released in 2018. The Hidden Worlds was co-written with Katherine Wood and is a novel written for young adults to help them navigate the changing world. And The Book of Ceremony: Shamanic Wisdom for Invoking the Sacred in Everyday Life was written for a shamanic and general audience on how to bring the sacred into daily life by performing shamanic ceremonies designed for our times and the challenges we are facing.

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