067. Zahir Khan

I looked for something outside myself – some mystical state I thought would make my life work – and I traveled and drifted for years in search of it. Life was failing, and in order to make it better, I thought I needed to get enlightened. The story of me contained pain and suffering and I wanted it to stop. I wanted the house, the car, the beautiful wife, the ability to look my peers in the eyes and feel their equal. To be a man. So to do this, I undertook a myriad of methods, teachers and schools. In the end, it meant nothing. It was a story just like any other – nothing special, yet the joy of realizing that I was what I’d always wanted to be, let the pain go and it was realized that there had never been pain – just an idea of it. Even seeking was perfect, because it was life and life, with its ups and downs, is perfect. It is a question and answer and it is us, not separate or something special. We can’t separate from life any more then we can separate from ourselves, and even those who argue that we are separate know it’s just an idea – a thought – and it’s an idea that they struggle to drop. JUST DROP IT. Now Zahir sees he always was what he sought, even when he was looking for it, and so are you. If you feel you need to know that, then fine, and if there is no need to know, that’s fine too. Different colors, same rainbow.


Interview recorded 4/10/2011.

Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast. Due to technical problems, this video contains only still shots of Zahir, while Rick’s video is normal.