106. Swami Premodaya

Swami PremodayaBodhisattva Shree Swami Premodaya is a spiritual teacher living in California. Bodhisattva is a Buddhist term for ‘one who selflessly serves and spiritually awakens others.’ Shree is the Hindu term of respect (literally, “sir”), and denotes one who is recognized as having the ability to truly help others spiritually. Swami is a Hindu title meaning ‘one who has mastered himself.’ Premodaya is a name, meaning ‘the rise of love’ in Sanskrit. He works directly with all who are ready and willing to take the next step in finding themselves, and offers the wise and loving guidance that can lead to the end of confusion and suffering, once and for all.

Website: http://www.thebodhicenter.net

Interview recorded 1/22/2012

Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.

6 thoughts on “106. Swami Premodaya

  1. where are all the commentators?
    this guy had great practical advise.
    not ooga booga enough?

  2. I simply loved the Swami..I found him to be authentic and honest like his final teacher Gangaji…It seems that suffering is the best teacher..It leaves one with a depth and insight and a compassion for all beings that is necessary if one truly wants to help others awaken…
    Swami wasn’t saying he was bringing a new and wonderful revolutionary program to the world as some would have, nor was he lost in his head endlessly mulling over the absolute vs the relative realities….He was living reality – not still figuring it out…It was seamless..He was speaking with a clear mind – from the core of the Self and with an open heart…I felt only love coming forth – the sound of the voice – the pace of the speech – the whole demeanor was pitch perfect to transmit the Silence…Enlightenment has always been about being real..
    As Wayne Liquorman used to say – It takes One to know One and from this vantage point, this interview was true and made an impression.
    Perhaps there are some who would prefer an involved discussion on higher states of consciousness, but for me, Reality is simple and should be simply stated…
    In meeting Alan Watts as a young teen, I learned from him to stay away from the overly complicated teachings and teachers…As one evolves, one comes to prefer simplicity in everything..
    This transmission is given in the silent depths of the Self – from heart to heart…to those who are open and willing to drop all previous ideas about Reality..and be brave enough to examine the impediments each human has to recognizing Reality…
    After all the flash and dash is over, there is just THIS, pure and simple, just unconditional love, and that’s more than enough…

  3. Snowcreature:
    You have very insightful commentaries so thanks for chiming in.
    Cairns was the non-participatory recipient of much dialogues that “hijacked” her actual talk and took on a life of their own, hence, the crazy number of replies shown.
    While SP might be thinking, “what am I, chopped liver?” since no one has started an aggressive dialogue yet “under” the reply section of his interview.
    BTW, always enjoy your perspectives.

  4. Likable dude.

    I’m a natural sucker of anyone incorporating the title Swami.

    I was satisfied with the amount of ooga booga, particularly in the Osho sections and the bit about people on the street spontaneously being drawn to him.

    Though, for my own taste, I could have used just a dash more ting tang walla walla bing bang.

    I like this thoughts on relaxation.

    And I was struck in his total confidence in this experience not ending with death.

    I guess we’ll all find out if he’s right about that.

  5. This was a beautiful interview. It meant so much to see the combination of a down-to-earth real person and total surrender to the divine reality. I was deeply moved by Swami Premodaya’s heartfelt urging to say yes to God, to say yes when Reality knocks at your door, no matter what your fear, no matter what your feeling of ‘not yet, not ready.’ When he said that you’ll never regret that “Yes,” you could see and feel his love and compassion. The shining truth and love was absolutely evident. Thank you.

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