138. Isaac Shapiro

Isaac ShapiroIsaac Shapiro is an internationally known facilitator, fascinated with life lived in alignment with the world’s wisdom traditions. He enjoys exploring and assisting those who share this interest.

How do we live our lives moment by moment? This enquiry considers how we relate to ourselves and to others, how we parent, do business and interact with our environment.

His approach is to ask questions and make statements. He asks participants in his meetings to question and see if what he says is true in their own being. This approach points to what is already known, but obscured in the ways our nervous system and our thinking function.

Isaac draws on a broad spectrum of understanding, from neurophysiology to some of the latest discoveries in Quantum physics which he applies in a light hearted but direct way.

“All we have is the sensory experience of this moment, NOW. This moment is only an experience to us. That’s all we have. The world, time, space, our own bodies and each other are all an experience to us.”

“Through noticing how our cells respond in the experience of now, there is a noticing of the production of not only the sense of reality but also the sense of self that we believe we have.”

Through years of working with people, Isaac has cultivated and refined an ability to track what is happening in the nervous system of participants. Bringing this awareness to peoples attention, allows our natural, innate self-regulating mechanism to be re-established.

We all have unconscious habits of attention, that are uncomfortable to ourselves, and the ones closest to us, and indeed to all with whom we are associated. All reality is experienced through these unconscious habits, which function as cognitive filters, and make it almost impossible for us to recognize them. Therefore it can be of enormous value, to have someone who is perceptive at this level, to assist us.

The beauty of this invitation is that nothing needs to be changed, fixed, or eliminated. It is a non-dualistic, non-judgmental enquiry into our present being. Everything happens through the agency of awareness.

As we bring awareness to these unconscious habits, there is a shift that occurs. In the course of investigation, people spontaneously recognize the true nature of themselves, which many report as the experience of peace, unconditional love, compassion, or simply of being home.

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Interview recorded 9/16/2012

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68 thoughts on “138. Isaac Shapiro

  1. Jill, lol! You just confirmed what I intuited all along! :). Maybe mothers-in-laws were meant to be the ultimate test. I shouldn’t talk, I am one myself and trying my best not to push buttons as well!

    Laurence, I love Mooji, there is such peace around him so if he can still experience such things I guess I will have to put up with it as well.

  2. Good for you Snow! My mother was the best mother-in-law as well, my husband will attest to that.

  3. Chuckee,
    Just happened to see this – haven’t been on the comp too much lately…nice Fall weather and all..

    It sounds as though something major has fallen away – not that you weren’t always shining, but when we get this honest, we know something is up..

    Someone once said – all anxiety and suffering is due to the discrepancy between who we really are and the self image we project…So now that that has been seen through, it’s pretty much clear sailing..

    If you are in fact an Enneagram 5 and the mind is the go-to position, I’d definitely recommend choosing a teacher who simplifies everything and lives in the heart…Not that types like Francis or Rupert don’t live there, but a woman’s approach that just focuses on the heart – might be what is needed now..

    We tend to choose from the menu of teachers toward what we feel comfortable with but that doesn’t always help…I knew I needed a heart to heart connection after years of Zen with Watts and then 25 years of TM and the whole knowledge business…not that it all wasn’t beneficial but something was missing..like the juice..

    You have all the info Chuckee – and great understanding – so for what it’s worth, I think having the steady transmission of Silence and Love that is offered with someone like Neelam could be your ticket to ride..and a balm for your nervous system to finally settle..

    For one thing, she doesn’t care a thing about what went on before with anyone- how we awakened this way or that way – or what we know coming in- she only deals with the present moment and what the issues are.. exactly what is covering the full disclosure of the Love we inherently are -and that she assesses quite quickly…

    In her 6th month course which is kept small and quite personal, you meet once a week with her and a small group over the phone and it includes two silent weekends with her as well-

    Being in the group is also beneficial as you are continually with like-minded serious seekers…No one goes to Neelam if they don’t want to get this done….We used to call her the last stop on the train in the NY satsang..simply no BS- …It’s all about digging deep and wide with her – no escape into the mind….

    As I remember, you met her in FF and hung out a bit when she came there in 05..so she’d remember you..On Oct 15 she’s having a free informational meeting that you can call into – to answer questions about the 6 month course coming up in Nov..check it out on her website..neelam.org..

    ‘Oz never gave nothing to the Tin Man that he didn’t already have’ Chuckee- but sometimes we have to really really be ready to own it..

    Love to you always..

  4. Jill,

    Driving on the freeway I finally got the Brahman part. I was meditating on the disconnect between “Advaita speak” and the pedestrian world of “everyday reality” (like going to the grocery store). Yes I realize the latter is “a story”, etc. etc. (Having some heated discussion with some LU people.) But the disconnect bothered me. It seemed the former focussed on the global sense of Self, Being, This…. The other focussed on the particulars so as the daily items ranging from errands, the concrete in the freeway, the sky, the sun, etc.

    Suddenly, the particular/total dichotomy released when I realized this was a division in the mind and not real. The “particular” and “total” were the same, the same Divine Reality. The ordinary world is the same Divine Reality. Strangely enough, I also loss all sense of self or Self, like the force of relaxation released into a unity, or more precisely, lack of differentiation with the environment. Hard to say what this is except felt seamless. There are “parts” but it is seamless. There are individuals, yet it’s the same Divine Reality manifesting *as individuality*.

    I thank you for being a beacon along the way. No doubt this is an introduction into another mode of being. I still intend to take Neelam’s 6 month course. The longer I stay in this stuff, the less I want to talk about it. Nothing coming from words is exactly right. Also, too much spiritual politics. I’d rather live my life in peace while quietly enjoying my treasure and be of some functional service for the people around me.

  5. Beautiful, Ernest – another soul coming Home…does my heart good..This is Reality…a deep bow to Neelam and Pamela and your own willingness to know Truth..
    Whatever arises from here is met with equanimity and love..very glad you are still taking Neelam’s course…there’s always a deeper well to fall into..

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