Upcoming Interviews

The following interviews are scheduled. The first one or two on the list may already have been conducted, but won’t be removed from this page until posted on the site. Most interviews are streamed live, and you may submit questions through the form at the bottom of this page, but please read all of the instructions. If you’re not going to be able to watch an interview live, you may submit questions beforehand, but please don’t submit them afterwards.

  • The time and date listed are for the Central US Time Zone. Click on the link to see your local time. We do an audio check before each interview. Please stand by and we’ll start the livestreaming as soon as the actual interview starts (sometimes a few minutes after the scheduled time).
  • Livestreamed interviews are deleted shortly after being concluded, so it’s advisable to start watching as close to the scheduled time as possible. The permanent version will be uploaded to YouTube a couple of days later.
NameWebsiteClick for Your Local Time LivestreamAdd to
Kylea Taylorkyleataylor.comSaturday, May 18, 2pmLink to live interview will be here.
Dr. Kate Gustinkategustin.comSaturday May 25, 2:30pmClick HereAdd to Calendar
Justin Goldjustingold.netSaturday, June 1, 1:30pmLink to live interview will be here.Add to Calendar
Leah Coxleahmarjoriecox.comSaturday, June 8, 10amLink to live interview will be here.Add to Calendar
Hans Wilhelmlifeexplained.comSaturday, June 15, 2pmLink to live interview will be here.Add to Calendar
Beth Millerbethmillerphd.comSaturday, June 29, 2:30pmLink to live interview will be here.Add to Calendar
Georgi Johnsonperception.inner-growth.orgSaturday, July 6, 10amLink to live interview will be here.Add to Calendar

To submit questions for guests, please use the following form. We are not always able to ask all the questions that get submitted. Please keep your question short, relevant, and clearly worded and please submit only one question at a time. If you submit long, narrative questions or multiple questions, chances are we will not be able to ask them, or we may edit them. Also, if you tune in late, the interview may be over by the time you submit your question.

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