073. Vishrant

Born in 1954 to a working class family in the country town of Bunbury, Western Australia as Vincent Cooper, his family soon moved to Perth and he attended Aquinas College. While in boarding school he became interested in spirituality and at the age of 14 considered becoming a priest.

As his love for the unknown continued an unexpected involvement with an encounter group at age 19 stirred a passion for self-discovery which was to grow ever stronger as time passed.

Moving into the 1970’s as a successful publisher gave him ever greater opportunity to travel the world to seek ways of opening up the mysteries of his own mind and spirituality.

Vishrant’s first real spiritual teacher Osho Rajneesh came in 1979.

As a Sanyasin for much of the 1980’s, he developed a love for practising meditation, living in numerous mystery schools and devoting his life to discovering his true nature.

Having lived the fast-paced life of a high-flying businessman, he sought to live out the new name he had been given by Osho Rajneesh – Prem Vishrant, meaning restful love, through meditation and spiritual understanding.

After spending six months in Italy attending a mystery school run by Paul lowe (formally known as Teertha ) He had his first major awakening in 1987 while practising the Zen methodology of self enquiry, an event which changed his life forever.

Vishrant gave up his publishing company and spent the next three years intensely seeking his true nature.

Following Osho’s death in 1990, he dedicated his life to the service of all he came in contact with, training first as a naturopath and masseur, and later as a psychotherapist, as he looked for better ways to serve those around him.

It was in 1998 in the presence of travelling advaita vedanta teachers (Isaac Shapiro, Gangaji and Vartman) that multiple awakenings started occurring, establishing in May 1999. Vishrant found himself as universal Truth in an ongoing way.

Seekers noticing the changes in Vishrant started requesting private satsang almost immediately and within a few years he began giving ten public satsangs a week.

His satsangs have the potential of showing seekers their true nature and with a mix of traditional and modern techniques helping people remove the obstacles to freedom.

Vishrant brings his passion for life, his razor sharp insight, and his radiant presence to every meeting.

Currently Vishrant is running a full time spiritual mystery school in Perth called The Mystic Heart Mystery School.

Interview recorded 6/7/2011.

Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.

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  1. Quote: “I ask because I view this as a very important distinction to draw.” ~ Peter

    Again, therein lies the dilemma … as soon as one draws any ‘distinction’ between ‘That Which Is’ and its creations or appearances (which must include thinking beings, and their thoughts, and their perceptual screens), is that not also just more separation?

    However one defines It, it must be ALL-inclusive. All is the One, and One is the All. Any exception, however imaginary it may appear, and voila, there is something that is denied access into what appears to be an exclusive domain.

    Likewise to Vishrant: If I am Source, how exactly can “thoughts appearing in me” be somehow independent of the only possible Source of their existence? One understands what you mean by identifying with “a prison made of dream.” It just seems problematic to imply something one should endeavor to escape, or avoid. I guess I don’t see it as a prison, but rather as a wondrous, limitless realm to explore.

    Also, it seems that making a distinction between what is ‘real’ or ‘truth’ and what is ‘not real’ or ‘not truth’ is perhaps the mother of all separations. When there is only That Which Is — or “Beingness” — labels like real or not-real, IMHO, become irrelevant.

    In any case, my friends, I do love where you’re coming from :]]

  2. Gate, Gate, Paragate, Para Sam gate Bodhi svaha

    Gate, Gate, Paragate, Para Sam gate Bodhi svaha

    Gate, Gate, Paragate, Para Sam gate Bodhisvaha.

    Bodhi Svaha


    Gone, Gone, Gone beyond Gone utterly beyond

    Gone, Gone, Gone beyond Gone utterly beyond

    Gone, Gone, Gone beyond Gone utterly beyond

    Oh what an Awakening

    Love Vishrant

  3. Yes … beautiful …I love it!

    Gone, gone, gone beyond ALL boundaries of separation … no longer something that I am, and something I am not … now only That Which Is … a dream made exquisitely real … beyond that which words can name … and beyond even That.

    Thanks for the poetry Vishrant :]]

  4. lol … thanks for the links tim

    Not sure of the relevance of your reference to sexual hypocrisy to this thread, but this nonetheless gives new meaning to making an ass of one’s self … too hilarious!

  5. Hi Rick,

    Thank you for interviews..

    I’d like to clear some points about Osho though, as I see such a great human in consciousness is misunderstood.

    Firstly, I believe that consciousness in Osho form was “aiming” large groups of people to wake up. Therefore, he used many appearances of forms (mainly thought forms), some of which appealed to people and people get to question for the first time in their life what the life is about..
    And Osho was a very clever man , who understood how the human logic worked. So he used some other appearances of forms, which would challenge regular human logic. If some people were with Osho not because that they resonate with him in their hearts and not because they have genuine inquiry, he didn’t mind them dropping from this inquiry journey with him.. Questioning wealth/royce rolls etc and therefore still having an image of enlightenment and religion and renunciation were the beliefs Osho wanted to question, since all traditions said that people should renounce from the world in order to follow a religious path. (These statements I make here were uttered by Osho in different ways, in different times as well..) For example, Osho’s sannyasins was only to renounce their past, that’s why Osho gave them new names, to break the bridge with past & conditionings.. On the other hand as Prem Vishran stated, they lived without any other renunciation..Because Osho saw people are not to renounce life but to celebrate it..
    In addition, as Osho stated on his interview with a reporter ,those cars belonged to Osho community and Osho never had any financial ownership on anything.. not a single bank account.. I can’t believe how much he enjoyed, cause a man like him has no worries about future and he is free to enjoy things and leave them behind when it is the time..

    Lastly, hundreds of thousands of people in the world are introduced to path and self inquiry , thanks to osho..

    I think Osho brought me to a point where I could undone some mass conditionings of collective mind/society..

    and then afterwards I was to move a simpler way and I guess he meant it to be that way.. Since he also mentioned, all these methods I teach are to make one ready and they will be dropped at some point. When one is ready, one is move to Zen simplicity..

    So I wanted to clear this point because many of us were invited the truth by him..

  6. Thanks Sery. That’s a good explanation. I was with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi for decades, and believe me, he did stuff that appeared every bit as screwy as the stuff Osho did. He also had a huge impact on the lives of many thousands of people. I’ve learned to appreciate that while for the most part, suspending judgment about the crazy stuff. I say “for the most part” because it’s hard for me not to entertain the notion that he lost his purity and clarity as time went on, but I take that notion with a grain of salt. I know nothing for sure.

    Adi Da was another one. A sick MF by most normal social standards. Yet he profoundly and beneficially impacted the lives of people whom I admire and respect.

    So what can we conclude? Perhaps that we can use our discrimination to choose a teacher who resonates with our own sensibilities, but that we can’t really judge others’ choices. To paraphrase the Rolling Stones, “you can’t always get what you want… but you get what you need”.

    Thanks again for your insightful comment.

  7. another very nice interview … which starts by Vishrant giving Richard Miller a very loving silent “treatment” for about 8 mins… i think it worked… Vishrant talked about openness, heart, love, surrender, home schooling… Osho as his spiritual father… also mentioned other teachers… Tolle, Papaji, Byron Katie, Isaac Shapiro, Amma… nice… good man Vishrant…

  8. Enjoyed this deep and inspiring talk today while out gardening.
    Easy to relate to vishrant as I have gone down similar roads with Osho and papaji offshoots.
    The fire of truth blended with celebration.
    Core stuff.

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