Recommended Books

Books Recommended by the BatGap Facebook Community

Last edited January 2022 by adding FALL/SPRING 2021 (Sep-Nov + Dec bonus)  recommendations

This list is an organic, growing resource collated from the recommendations by the Batgap Facebook community members. For further details on collecting, editing and structuring, and how you can contribute, please see the editorial notes below.

Links to books on Amazon are affiliate links. In other words, BatGap earns a small commission if books are purchased.


Editorial Notes

This evolving resource is a response to the Batgap Facebook page members’ suggestion to have a list of recommended reading easily available. It is compiled and quarterly updated by Inari Kiuru. To understand how it is collated and structured, please note the following:

Developing this resource

This list grows gradually, based on comments and recommendations. All questions, feedback and edits regarding the content and structure of this resource are encouraged and welcomed. You can email editorial suggestions to Inari at, or submit book recommendations via the Batgap Facebook (FB) page.

If submitting material via the FB page (creating a recommendation post or responding to someone with a book suggestion) please add the hashtag #books to your post or comment. This will make your contribution easier to find when collating additions. You can also tag Inari.

Sources of the information

The book titles are collected from posts and comments (Batgap FB page 2018 onwards) offering or asking for recommendations. The term #books was used as a search term for the first edition of the list, with an attempt to include each title found (please let us know if you spot anything missing). A few top books from the compiler’s own library were also added to the first edition of the resource.

Content and purpose of the list

The content and any incidental ‘weighting’ of the list are a direct result of the Batgap FB page members’ book recommendations. As such, this document is a work in progress and reflects the diversity and varied interests of this particular community, and is *not meant as a definitive or comprehensive guide*. The compiler has no affiliation with any related author, publisher, bookseller, or other commercial entity, institution, or organized religious/spiritual group.

This list is also a separate work from the books mentioned in the interviews, even though some titles may naturally double up.


The main categories have been formatted using questions on the Batgap FB page as a guide, in order to make this resource as relevant as possible for this group. For instance: ‘Which books have helped you in your personal awakening?’

The wording and the structuring of the categories is a work in progress – all suggestions and edits are welcome.

Use of terms

Words such as ‘spiritual’ and ‘awakening’ have been used as they commonly occur in the FB page discussions. Please suggest other terms if you’ve another preference, remembering that there may not be one, definitive choice preferred by all 😉

Content of the entries

The format of the entries is currently very simple, listing only the author and the title (and omitting the publisher, year etc.). With time, they can hopefully be extended to include further information.

Spelling and formatting of the titles

The spelling of the titles has been checked and cross-referenced where possible but is primarily based on the versions supplied in the FB comments. The typography is very simple due to the draft nature of this first list and will be honed later.

Looking forward to growing this list with you all!
Kind regards, Inari Kiuru (Melbourne, Australia).