Fan Resources

If you’re a big fan of Buddha at the Gas Pump, you may enjoy celebrating that a little.

Desktop Wallpapers for wide screen:
1. Space background   (click desired dimensions below then right-click to save)*
1920×1080  1366×768  1280×720  1024×576  800×450

2. Gas Station  (click desired dimensions below then right-click to save)*
1920×1080   1366×768   1280×720   1024×576   800×450

Graphics by Sam Gerrard, Shore Creative, UK

*If you you don’t know your screen resolution to choose the size, this site will tell you.

Ringtones   The BatGap theme song was written by a friend. It’s an Indianized version of Reveille, used to awaken military personnel at sunrise. (Click link below then right-click to “Save audio as…”).
BATGAP theme music, 24 sec
BATGAP theme music ringtone, 10 sec
BATGAP drums notification, 3 sec
BATGAP sitar notification, 2 sec