131. Dr. Laurie Moore

Laurie MooreDr. Laurie Moore, licensed therapist (LMFT), certified hypnotherapist (CHT) spends hours in uproarious laughter with friends, human and animal. For two decades she has assisted people and animals to transform their lives, awaken to universal love, and communicate in evolved and fulfilling ways. She has taught in Europe, around the USA, and all over Hawaii Islands reaching people of many backgrounds. Her reputation as an internationally respected therapist, animal communicator, and spiritual teacher began with the many awakening experiences she was ushered through by Divine Ma, inside her own heart, and Jessie Justin Joy, her feline Guru. Supported and inspired by many, she is especially close to Gangaji and Sh. Ahmed. She credits Braco and Dr. Karl Maret for her new found stamina which shapes her latest work, after some years of severe physical challenge.

Dr. Laurie Moore’s website.

Interview recorded 7/21/2012

Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.

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  1. I agree with her about flipping his hierarchy theory upside down, to say that plants / trees would be the most evolved..to be fully present and all ego gone, and to be one and to embody the universal energy, just as an antennae… humans and animal still have a “me-ness” about them and they come through as that species because they have tools to learn how to “get there” and plants, are already there and just are… simply that, they are. A clear focussed channel of deep love and wisdom. 

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