071. Julie Chimes

In the eighties Julie Chimes-Laws worked in the media based London’s Fleet Street. Company director, businesswoman and part-time racing driver her world underwent a dramatic change when an out-of-the-blue attempt on her life left her for dead. Viciously stabbed repeatedly within millimeters of her life her subsequent survival was considered to be something of a miracle. She wrote a profound yet humorous autobiographical account of her experiences, both in and out of body, A Stranger in Paradise, which was first published by Bloomsbury, London. The book was distributed on three continents and translated into five further languages creating a wave of positive media attention around the world. The extraordinary story was also the subject of a critically acclaimed BBC documentary, which she scripted and co-directed.

Leaving the world of convention behind Julie has spent the last seventeen years living abroad. She has travelled extensively during this time whilst encountering the weird and wonderful. Stepdaughter of the great comedian Max Wall, daughter of one of world’s most beautiful women, and sister to a wonderful soul with autism, her unconventional upbringing gave her a love of finding mirth in the midst of the mundane, and a passion for storytelling. A gifted speaker, she has addressed and entertained diverse audiences around the world sharing the experiences of her many adventures and fresh insights on life and death.

After facing her own mortality she vowed to ‘try on’ as many lives as possible. Olive farmer, cleaner, facilitator of international retreats and workshops on meditation, garden designer, chief cook, host and bottle washer for an restaurant located in her own Andalusian patio, property and pet sitter, painter, decorator and life counselor to name a few, whilst receiving an unorthodox training as a singer in the basement of a brothel and performing as a soloist in some equally unlikely venues.

Having gathered a wealth of original material over the last seventeen years, Julie is now dedicated to full time writing. Passionate about projects that have the power to uplift, amuse and inspire humanity, she is currently working on a book about forgiveness, with a feature film script, children’s stories, a drama and a comedy series for television and a second book about her adventures planned for the future. She shares her time between Spain and France, where she lives with her editor husband Richard in hidden places away from the marauding British investors.



Interview recorded 6/5/2011.

Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.

6 thoughts on “071. Julie Chimes

  1. Julie’s journey reminds us that, like life itself, the varieties of the awakening experience are so diverse, miraculous and multifaceted — and sometimes bizarre beyond belief — one has to simply accept that there is no limit to how it can manifest.

    These days, it seems I can only sit in awe, wonderment and humility at the infinitely vast, unknowable mystery and potential of this Creation. It sometimes feels almost laughable that we think we know anything at all, as it would appear that, when it comes to understanding the multi-dimensional nature and complexity of the Soul, we are but babes in arms, only now, with these accumulating collective realizations, able to even contemplate taking our first stumbling spiritual steps on the journey of its eternally unfolding adventure. On second thought, perhaps even that metaphor is too advanced. Indeed, at times it feels like are still moving through the birth canal, with all of its inherent contractions.

    Thanks again Rick, for all you provide :]]

  2. btw, for those who may be interested, it’s worth checking out Mary-Margaret Moore and the “Bartholomew” phenomenon — that Julie referenced … here’s part one

  3. Hello Rick , I was so loving this interview and would like to finish it but it cuts off after about 28 mins. on both your site and on you tube. I wonder if it could be fixed?


  4. I see what you mean. It’s been up for almost 2 years, and this the first time someone has reported that. I’ll have to re-upload it. I’ll let you know when it’s ready.

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