143. Christine Wushke

Christine WushkeChristine Wushke is a certified yoga and meditation teacher living in Okotoks Alberta Canada. In addition to teaching yoga and meditation classes Christine is also a massage therapist who incorporates a holistic approach to healing the body, mind and spirit of each individual. Christine has been studying the field of energy healing for 20 years and finds the approach to healing a sacred journey of discovery on many levels, both physically as well as spiritually.

Her life, since the age of six, has seen a set of classical spiritual encounters and experiences which have inspired her to shine light on the deeper aspects of life as a fully conscious Divine-Human being. She recently wrote a book called ‘Freedom is your Nature:’ a practical guide to transformation, which delves into the ancient yogic teachings of awakening in a down to earth language easy to follow by any reader.

To read more of Christine’s spiritual writing and mystical poetry go to http://freelyhuman.com. Meditation CD’s can be found on Inner Splendor Media and amazon.com.

Interview recorded 10/21/2012

Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.

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  1. Thanks Christine
    “whatever arises in life is a manifestation of the one. And so anything that shows up can be met and honored in a space of non resistance”

    lovely reminder of timeless embodied wisdom.

  2. The interview that Sown posted is next on schedule to watch! Batgap is such a lovely cyber community. I appreciate all of you.

  3. Sown/snow, I greatly ejnoyed the Adyashanti/Tami Simon video! Again the question of courage came up even though Adya admits that there was no option. To me courage is when you do something very difficult when you had actually also had the choice of not doing it.

    I am also overjoyed to know that there is much more to be discovered and experienced along the way and am looking forward to that.

    Thanks for making this available!

    Have a wonderful week all! :)

  4. Buddha wasn’t a Buddhist,Christ wasn’t a Christian, and Mohammed wasn’t a Muslim. Is tihs the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning?

  5. Hahahaha. Sorry I’ve no idea why reading the username ‘sownleotard’ is so damn funny, then it hit me it has to be a play on ‘snowleopard’… I can’t explain why I’m laughing out aloud about it, but here I am anyway, laughing :)

  6. As a result of this interview I have met with Christine and floated the idea of doing a Satsang group based on the pervading spirit that comes out of the interviews done here.
    Any comments or suggestions? Rick , any thoughts on your part?

  7. Greeting Chuckee.I have a wide ranging experience with Eastern Wisdom traditions and European philosophy and would like to see a Satsang group that is has great openess to the rich culural diversity we have present here in Canada/USA. To some degree there has been a coming together and intergration of many Spiritual traditions in to a mosaic reflecting the consciousness of the many nations of human family.
    Osho seems to have experimented with this in Pune and was successful with holding the space for this to happen. I am sure that this takes a different form here in the west. Some essential ingredients are clear intention , sustained focus and grace.
    I think there are some brilliant on line communities on going. I am interested to take it in to a more localized form here and hold the space for it to happen.
    This is some of my present perspective.

  8. @ Alain … as you may know, Batgapia has evolved into a rather haphazard, satsang/sangha, involving many of the same regular participants, now very much an ongoing cyber-community, sharing diverse ideas, experiences, expressions, but all having in common much the same passion for the process of ‘awakening’ — both individual and collective. As you may have already noticed in the General Comments section, the ‘discussion’ tends to be all over the map, as are the locations and time zones of its various participants, thus it tends to be quite random, uncoordinated, and open-ended, both in content and in context. So those *essential ingredients of clear intention and sustained focus* may be difficult to achieve at this stage. It seems it would actually require a ‘satsang’ section all on its own, with some kind of organizing principle, and a moderator of sorts, to keep that intent and focus on track, so to speak. But you might want to float the idea in ‘Gen Com’ to see if there is any collective interest and consensus. If so, maybe Rick could somehow create the format — if that is what you have in mind. Or is it something else altogether?

    btw, welcome aboard :-)

  9. Yes Snowleaopard I find your idea exciting for an Satsang forum enhancement. I am certain this would involve an greater time commitment for Rick or someone to set this up but this is a projection on my part. I sense we are already poised for a hugh shift of galactic porportions just over the consciousness horizon. Batgapia could become an intergral vehicle for its manifestation. Divine intelligence is at work and is unpredictable in its Lila through form.
    Perhaps we can put it forward to Rick and community to see where he/us stand with this.

  10. Alain :

    I’ll be chatting with Rick later today, so perhaps I’ll put that idea to him, at that time. If not then, I’ll email him about it soon. Indeed, he is already swamped with his various time commitments, but has lately started delegating some of the workload, to willing volunteers — myself included. I’m not sure of the logistics that may be involved in setting it up, but it’s surely worth exploring, and doesn’t hurt to ask.

    Will let you know here, if he seems amenable … or, if you prefer, I can ask Rick for your email.

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