113. Andrée Morgana

Andrée MorganaAndrée is the Founder of a nonprofit called the Hayehwatha Institute and a project called The Best of Mount Shasta. She has been a Spiritual Teacher for 44 years. For 20 years Andrée was a full time teacher of the Transcendental Meditation Program and introduced thousands of people to the experience of consciousness and meditation. Each year for 12 years she went to Brazil and studied their spiritual traditions to see into the spiritual realms and develop relationships with advanced Cosmic Souls.

For Andrée, the exposure to the experience of consciousness led to new avenues of discovery. With refinement of perception, within the unboundedness of consciousness, along with the assistance of two Cosmic Souls, Hayehwatha and Vovó Anamalia, Andrée began to observe the details of the universe and beyond. Andrée feels this is the next level of experience to unfold within our culture; for people to observe their origin, history and destiny with reference to the life of the universe and beyond. What is known as the life we live on the earth is a small portion of who we are.

Andrée lives in Mount Shasta, California where she provides workshops and private sessions with Hayehwatha and Vovó Anamalia, as well as puts on The Best of Mt Shasta Conference & Festival each summer.

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Vovó Anamalia

Interview recorded 3/3/12

Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.

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    In any case, unless my outdoor antenna picks up whatever station may be showing it, I will be saved that bit of agony.

  2. Steve – that’s funny – there’s no accounting for taste is there….but what’s not to be enjoyed….I like basketball too…although the Knicks are again on a losing streak…darn it..not like the old Knicks back in the 70’s…when they knew how to play as a team..an old boyfriend had season tickets and I was sooo in love with Clyde..those were the days…

  3. I have to get all the enjoyment I can out of the Bulls…I’ll be suffering with the Cubs again soon.

  4. Rick, have you heard from Andree lately? I ask because the link you posted in her name “Domain Expired” two days ago. Hayehwatha and Vovo are still up, but the other, gone since 4/17/14, so I’s wondering if she’s ok or if you know anything?
    This interview made me want to talk to H about the edge of the universe, as per a dream I had a while back (5 or 6 yrs. ago actually), just as I was beginning to “understand” a little about Ramana Maharshi’s ‘Who Am I’ technique. Funny how things line up…

  5. Her domain was renewed yesterday for a year. Looks like it just got caught in the long weekend. In this case, the home page is probably replaced with a placeholder and the rest of the site is intact but not accessible.

    It will probably be back up early next week.

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