283. Vasant Swaha

Vasant SwahaVasant Swaha was always a naturally free spirit, aware from an early age that life was not about accepting boundaries, but rather going beyond them. As a child, he sailed from his native Norway, exploring the world with his father and family. His visits to many foreign countries at an early age gave him a broad perspective on life.

He always liked to challenge himself, ever since he was very young. As a teenager, he left his home and continued traveling on his own. After journeying through Europe and North Africa, he eventually arrived in India. Here, he at once felt at home. An alive spiritual fragrance was in the air, that was missing in the West. He lived in the Himalayas and then in Goa, where he came into contact with disciples of the Master Osho. Out of this encounter, he knew what his next step was: to follow the call of his heart to go meet the Master.

Osho SwahaHis connection with Osho was instant and deep – like coming home. Swaha got immersed in the life of the commune around his Master, which became the biggest growth center in the world. Here, he could explore himself further in many levels. Becoming one of Osho’s bodyguards, Swaha had an intimate connection with his Master. Later, as a therapist, his openness to new ideas and therapies gave him a great opportunity to experiment and go through many different growth processes and meditations. This gave him a wide experience and insight into the psychology and heart of the modern man.

Shortly after Osho left his body, Swaha experienced awakening to his true Self.

I was no longer the one I was the day before. I had no identification with any personality or ego. The “I” was gone, and so was the whole past. I was drowned in a profound peace, in a deep spaciousness and blissful silence. It was a new birth. I became very fragile, I had to learn how to function in the world again.”

In the years that followed, this new way of being became more integrated. During his travels through India, he met Papaji in a blissful encounter.

My beloved Papa, Poonjaji, was a tremendous gift. He was really a lion of Truth. No words can express my gratitude to him.”

Papaji-and-SwahaPapaji recognized the alive Presence in Swaha and encouraged him to share This. But at this time Swaha was just living in a constant state of inner contentment. It would take him another 5 years before he started giving Satsangs.

After meeting Papaji he went traveling around India, and lived for long periods of time in the Himalayas. During this time he had beautiful meetings with his enlightened friend, Giridhar, and together they had adventures in the far regions of the Himalayas.

More and more, existence moved Swaha to share himself with others. In India he was invited to take part in the No-Mind Ängsbacka Summer Festival in Sweden. It was his first public sharing and resulted in a queue of people wanting to learn more. He gave in to the inevitable and began sharing his Presence.

In tune with Swaha’s love of nature, he has created beautiful retreat places in the mountains of Norway and by the ocean in Brazil. Here, seekers and lovers from around the world come to meditate and experience the beauty, love and silence of his presence. In this precious meeting, hearts and minds can awaken, transform and flower.

Website: vasantswaha.net

Interview recorded 3/21/2015

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267. Nukunu Larsen

Nukunu LarsenNukunu was born in Odense, Denmark 1947.

He left school 13 years old. He was declared hopeless so he was given no education certificate.

He worked and trained as a house painter for the next 4 years.

After 9 months of military service he started to study again, first secondary school, then college and the University. He holds a Bachelor in Philosophy and a Master in Psychology.

In the end of his Master degree in 1979 he met Osho. Maybe the most important event in his life so far.

He worked as a therapist in Poona and the West for the next 16 years. When Osho died in 1990, Nukunu was carried on to another Enlightened Master Poonja’ji in Lucknow. He spent 4 years with the great Master until he finally met the masters of the Sacha Lineage in 1994. On March 9, 1995 there happened spontaneously a shift in Nukunu’s consciousness and a radical new way of viewing life was born.

Since then all his work has been centered on helping people into the non-dual.

Nukunu uses his background in meditation and therapy to invite you into who you are.

His basic approach is that you are already what you are looking for.

“Relax as awareness into this moment and it will reveal itself.”

You cannot become Enlightened (since you are it already) you can be Enlightened.

His Dharmadoors are all about going beyond the separation of “I” and the content of consciousness.

He is offering Satsangs, Intensives, retreats, and training in Non-Dual Therapy.

Interview recorded 11/22/2014

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262. Unmani – 2nd Interview

UnmaniUnmani is originally from the UK, but has lived a nomadic life in many countries around the world from the age of 18. Unlike most people, since she was a child, Unmani never identified with being a ‘person’ in the world, but she felt very lost and alone in a world that everyone else seemed to take so seriously. She spent years traveling around the world trying on different roles and identities to see if any of them fit. Disappointed with each role, she continued searching to find a way out of the pain she felt. She spent some time in the Osho centre in Pune, India, and there discovered meditation, free expression, and other insightful wisdom. But although this brought her more relaxation, it did not seem to get to the root of her search. Some years later she met the German Zen master, Dolano. With her, Unmani recognized that what she had been searching for had always been right here. She woke up to the dream, time stopped and the search ended. She no longer needed to try to fit in or be someone, because Unmani had finally acknowledged the truth of who she really is. Unmani began holding meetings and retreats 3 years later. She is the author of two books ‘I am Life itself’ and ‘Die to Love’ and is now writing a third book.

Meeting with Unmani is meeting with yourself in the most real and alive way. It is not about chasing sweet spiritual experiences that come, and then sadly go. Dialogues with Unmani are a fundamental and intimate enquiry that cut through all philosophies and belief systems. Unmani encourages people to truly face their deepest fears, to no longer blindly buy into dreamy hopes, and to wake up to the reality of life.

Unmani holds meetings and intensives all over the world, and also online. These are aimed towards people who are genuinely willing to risk losing what they think they know, to courageously take a step into the alive unknown.

Website: die-to-love.com

Interview recorded 10/26/2014

1st Batgap interview with Unmani.

Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.