129. Trip Overholt

Trip OverholtOn the heels of an awakening experience in 2006 not unlike that of the many avant-garde sages Trip Overholt would later interview, intense interest in the nature of this present reality persisted without let up.  This led to an opportunity to co-host a  radio show, Conversations With Avant-Garde Sages, show casing the wisdom and experiences of unknown sages in our midst. After three years and about 80 interviews, favorite conversations were edited and compiled (by co-host John Troy) into a free Ebook available at  TheWizardllc.com.

A “happiness pragmatist” Overholt’s paradigm shift from the material to the non-physical “spiritual” essence of reality has borne three delicious fruits he’d like to share.  First, there is a comfortability in his own skin, not there prior that has led to more rewarding relationships across the board.  Secondly, radiant causeless joy is available when attention is merely turned inward.  And finally, there is a capacity for seeing the divinity of all others and of the world that allows for more complete engagement of whatever shows up in the present moment.  Heaven on earth is possible here and now and it is Trip’s calling to be a rock of conviction of that possibility for others who find themselves on the pathless path back to themselves.

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Interview recorded 7/7/2012

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  1. Ah, a refreshing break from the recent norm. How delight-full.

    Nice to cross paths with you, Trip.

    Thank you for providing an opportunity to experience an abundance of resonance with many of your comments.

  2. the possibility of progression is always there but once it becomes an identification or a fixed belief assuming it is needed to be complete, then it becomes the same old desire game again. As the old zen saying goes; wuwei or action without action is the wayless way to go nowhere. oh i love those paradoxes, one of these days im going to build a gateless gate in my yard 😀

  3. Loved the no-spin, no-nonsense dialogue Trip has with Rick.
    Especially his tendency to bring spiritual leaders’ interactions with followers down to a real level, and not some “holy” deified manner.
    We’ve had enough of that for some time and if Trip is correct in that times are changing such that the old school model of master-student isn’t needed for many, who can benefit from a peer type setting, I’m all for that at this point.

  4. Unfortunately, I think we will run out of atmosphere before we will run out of fossil fuel. The United States is in at the start of a cheap natural gas boom due to a technology called “fracking”. There’s enough natural gas say to last 100 years for this country. (And if they discover a technology to economically extract gas from methane hydrates from the ocean depths in the next 100 years, we’ll have enough natural gas to last 1000 years.)

    But resource shortages are still our future, as well as water and food shortages esp. if you add in the demands of the developing world. The Climate issue will force humanity to think of itself as one. Along with the economic crisis, we will be forced to think about how we live on this one earth sustainably, what is a sane and humane lifestyle, what it means to be in community, what are the values that are truly valuable, our connection to the natural world, what it means to be established in Being as the transition unfolds.

    Our generation lives in an “interesting” time. The decisions we make will determine the next step for humanity. Add to this the beginnings of mastery of biological “life” in biotechnology, synthetic biology, the manipulation of the foundations of matter at the atomic scale level in nanotechnology, the potential for information technology to outstrip human intelligence and the melding of machine and human (e.g. Ray Kurzweil), and one can see how fundamental changes can occur in the next few decades. These are actually issues of concern for those with a more “evolutionary” orientation, those involved in Integral Theory (ala Ken Wilbur). I hear the Andrew Cohen will be interviewed next week. Curious what he has to say.

  5. The prevailing evolutionary orientation of addiction… is being brought to your knees… before significant change is seriously entertained and grasped.

    Addiction is our predominant state of mind. IMO.

    Which is why I see us being brought to our knees… in the not too distant future.

    And then real change can begin.

  6. To me it seems you are confusing the Sage with the Saint at times. Ive understood the Sage to simply be one who has permanently disidentified or seen thru the mirage of the separate self or “me” while the conditioning, preferences and genetics of the body mind organism still exist and play out as they will in accordance with source, life intelligence, god or whatever u may call it. The Sage is not a Saint with perfect behavior, it behaves as it does without a sense of authorship or doership and the filter of a separate entity known as “me”, whether that be beautiful or ugly behavior. When concepts of the Saint are intermingled then it turns into self help, psychotherapy and the attempt to improve the life of the “me” and not transcend it or see thru the mirage and divine hypnosis that it is

  7. I have been watching and reading the comments for many months. The comments have been at least as useful as the interviews, so I want to thank you all very much!!! Like many here, I’ve spent a lifetime looking for reality. At the moment, my computer has a virus and will not allow me to type what I want. I look forward to talking with you later!!!

  8. Rick, I have to say, I love your “yes buts”. Great reminders to look at a bigger picture. Thanks for the interview, Rick and Trip ))

  9. @Nigh lily “I have to say, I love your “yes buts”.

    It was interesting that Trip while insisting he has the same degree realization as some of the other well known realizers, also said that he cannot prove anything. None of this can be “proven” (whatever this means). Experientially, we may know Only This. Yet it cannot be proven that Only This is “ultimate” and “final” (whatever the latter terms mean). A mental conviction and certainty can be deadly in terms of growth. Openness and surrender to the Mystery is the process whereby doors are opened.

  10. I don’t think this word was used, but Trip’s assumption of Totality seems to be more of an affirmation than a description of his experience. It would be another long discussion to debate the value of such a practice.

    Since “doubt is the final barrier” a healthy affirmation can certainly help dispel some parts of doubt. What is another barrier is believing any thought – even the thought of enlightenment. Who is there to be on equal terms with Ramana? Who thinks who is the Ultimate?

    That said, whatever works for someone is how Nature structured it. If it worked for Nisgardatta (anyone have more background on this anecdote?) then it could work for Trip.

    I prefer the dissolve-all-conceptions school. It’s so direct.

  11. Well said Jonathan –
    The Sage and the Saint are often confused..While there are some sages who may be considered saints, such as Ramana Maharshi, the vast majority are not…nor are most saints in the sage category…good you noted the difference…Each plays a role in this leela..Saints represent the highest cultural values of a society and Sages are here to point to that Reality that lies beyond even the Universal..

  12. “The Saint is a man who disciplines his ego. The Sage is a man who rids himself of his ego.” Wei Wu Wei

  13. well put, Wei Wu Wei but I would say “the Sage is the done who sees through the ego”

  14. @Erik “I prefer the dissolve-all-conceptions school. It’s so direct.” This is my preference too. (Talking about “doubt” and “certainty” still seems a bit defensive to me. It’s irrelevant especially when one’s heart orientation is to surrender.)

    @Night Lily “the Sage is the done who sees through the ego”. Yep, this seems to me a more precise explanation.

    I sometimes get the feeling this stuff is so easy to talk about, even beautifully and eloquently on the web. But as the phrase goes, “talk is cheap”. It’s in the actual living of life, in all it’s aspects, in rigorous honesty, that oftentimes is just as revealing, it’s own truth, and it’s own value. Lila has it’s own truth, and it’s own value, else why would it be there? (The question was not meant to incite intellectual speculation, but encourage intuition into a broader possibility.)

    When I watch the NOVA science series on the universe, the images from the Hubble space telescope, I say “wow” in wonderment and amazement, this is even stranger and even more beautiful than I can ever imagine. Even stranger is how some biological entities averaging 5′ or 6′ in height can comprehend the universe, first with the solar system, then the galaxy, then multiple galaxies, then edge of the universe, and now the possibilities of multiple universes, and from the comprehension, be able to make accurate predictions on previously unknown *specifics* to test and expand its understanding.

    While not my natural orientation (which is still largely Non-Dual), I can begin to understand those motivated by a self described “evolutionary impulse”, their critique of the culture bound philosophies of the past. Lets embrace our evolutionary, integral, and tantric brothers and sisters. Nothing is excluded.

  15. I just reread your comment of July 11, 2012 at 11:52 am (above), Jonathan, and want to compliment it for its poignancy.

  16. While not denying the truth on the point to be had on “saints” and “sages”, it’s interesting to me that the mind tends to put things in categories, I guess in this case, inspired by a formulation in traditional literature. It’s an attempt of the mind to make sense of mystery of Lila. Whatever happened to “nothing to land to on”?

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