Transcript of Inelia Benz Interview

Inelia Benz – BATGAP Interview (#093)

November 2, 2011

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Rick:      Welcome to Buddha at the Gas Pump. My name is Rick Archer and my guest this week is Inelia Benz. And Inelia came to my attention several months ago, actually. I should address this in the first person; you came to my attention several months ago when your video with Bill Ryan came out on the Internet, and a lot of people started sending me emails bringing it to my attention. And I watched it and was delighted with what you had to say. A little skeptical in places but I’ll ask you some questions about that.

And you know, I didn’t really feel like I could improve upon your interview with Bill, because he did a marvelous job – he’s a very refined, intelligent man, and you said great stuff – but I felt that perhaps that if we did an interview, some different things would come out. In fact, I listened to several interviews with you with other people, and they all kept making you tell the same things over and over again, so we’ll see where we go with this.

But perhaps for the sake of those who are unfamiliar with you, we could – and I’ll link to Bill’s interview with you, by the way, but for the sake of those who haven’t seen it, perhaps you could summarize what it is you are saying to people, what it is you’re here to do.

Inelia:   I’m here to raise the level of vibration of the planet. I didn’t obviously know that when I first came in, I didn’t know the vocabulary; I just knew what it was. As a child I knew that it didn’t buzz properly, you know? It had to buzz better.

Rick:      The planet didn’t buzz properly you mean?

Inelia:   Yeah, it’s like it was too dense. But I didn’t have the vocabulary, I wasn’t brought up in kind of spiritual family, or I didn’t have any type of education So that was my personal process of discovery, was to find out exactly what it was and then find out ways to get it done, how to accomplish it. And that took me, basically my entire life, and I’m still learning new tools and I’m still sharing different things.

As I come across something, I will try it, and if it works for me then I will share it with others. And sometimes I will get downloaded information and I will use that. But recently, last January I was asked, because I’ve been working with individual lightworkers who had audiences, but last January, without an intent, I was asked to go public. And I didn’t really know what that meant.

Rick:      You were asked just intuitionally… whoever or whatever you receive information from said, “Go public?”

Inelia:   Exactly, yeah. And that’s interesting too though, how one receives information, maybe we can talk about that.

Rick:      Yeah, definitely.

Inelia:   But um, I didn’t know how to do it, I didn’t know exactly what it meant, and I didn’t see the point. I mean I had work, I had a website with work out there, you know, and when people used to approach me to say, “Well, there it is,” you know, that that’s what’s important; “It’s the information that’s important, and leave me alone,” kind-of-thing.

So I had to look into it and see what did Source want, why did It need for me to go public? And I went and researched and did a lot of research on the Internet. I went to a huge event by Hayhouse Publishing in San Diego, and I went from speaker to speaker to watch them and see, how do they do this? How do they do this public thing, you know?

And they were fascinating people, they were unique, each one was really, really different. And what I found out, and what was really interesting, is that they had one thing in common: they were being themselves. They were just being themselves, and they were just out there, completely open. And I thought, “Oh yeah, I can do that,” but I still didn’t know why.

And it’s been an interesting journey for the last year and a half; it’s really about the message or the information. It’s received much better when somebody sees a human being behind the words. Just a regular person saying, expanding their possibility of what’s here on the planet!

And so that’s what I did. I just started to state my truth, my own experience, and I don’t have any attachment to how people receive it. Some people will say, “Oh this is way out, this is crazy,” and some other people will say, “That’s me!” And I have thousands of emails from people saying, “You were talking about me, and I’m so glad that somebody has spoken out and said it.”

so yeah, I now understand it, and there’s no big deal, there’s no big mystery. There’s no mystery, I’m totally against mystery. It’s like mystery is one of those sentient traps, you know, you put a mystery and you have people going for it, immediately and trying to find out what it is. So it’s all out in the open and I just state what comes through, and people can take it or leave it, it’s as simple as that.

Rick:      So, you know, you speak about being an ordinary human being and so on, but in some respects, it sounds like you’re not ordinary. I mean, you mentioned in your interview with Bill that you’ve never incarnated before as a human being…

Inelia:   Right.

Rick:      And you also mentioned that when you were a little kid you had 360-degree vision, you used to fall down all the time because you weren’t seeing out of your eyes

Inelia:   Yeah, my head was in the way, it was in front of me.

Rick:      Yeah, and certainly the 360-degree vision thing, I’ve heard of that before, and I’ve also heard of …sometimes you hear of yogis developing that sort of capability. And the ‘never having been born before,’ that’s what an avatar is defined as; it’s just not a human being that’s going from life to life, evolving; it’s some manifestation of Godhead or something, that comes to fulfill a specific purpose.

And when you say that, the question comes to mind, well, I don’t mean to sound skeptical but it’s like, how do you really know that? I mean, there are people running around saying, “I was Cleopatra in a past life,” or whatever, you know. Do you know that with certainty, and what is the mechanism of your knowing that you were never born before as a human being?

Inelia:   Yeah, that’s a very interesting question. When I look, I do have a recall of the time, the moment before I was born. And I was just here, and I had the remembrance or knowledge of what I had to do.

Rick:      Who was just here? Who was the ‘I’?

Inelia:   Me, the being. The being, what humans would call the “soul,” the soul construct, you know?

Rick:      So there was some individuality? Some individual manifestation, which had somehow arisen from the unmanifest but had not become embodied.

Inelia:   Yes, absolutely, exactly. I call it a singularity. I had become a singularity and I had full knowledge of becoming a singularity. And when I came into the body, an agreement had to be made with the physical body, because I found out that the physical body has an intelligence; it’s an actual evolving being as well. I would say that it’s the most advanced physical manifestation of Divine consciousness, at the atom level. And the two work together, the being and the bodywork together and join to share a lifetime and evolve together, kind of thing.

And mine was done, and this body had finished its evolutionary path as a human being, and it was asked to house me and to help me in this lifetime. And it had a moment of “I don’t think I want to,” kind of thing, but it did it out of a sense of duty.

Rick:      Okay, so you’re saying that bodies – such as my body, your body, anybody’s body – despite the fact that they’re born, grow up and die, born, grow up and die, aside from the soul… when we think of the soul through reincarnation, going from body to body and kind of finding vehicles that suit it as it evolves, or devolves, or whatever it does, you’re saying that independent of that there is a sort of integrity to the body one occupies, that is carried over from life to life. Is that what you’re saying?

Inelia:   Yes, yes, that’s what I’m saying. And that’s behind what I think is, for example, when you have a walk-in. The being actually leaves but the body stays alive, and then the new being enters the body.

Rick:      So based on what you’re saying, would you that for instance, my body, it might have been born in the past and maybe I got killed in World War two or something, who knows, but the soul that occupied this body then, may not be the same soul that occupies it now? Is that what you’re suggesting?

Inelia:   Yes, yes.

Rick:      Interesting, because when you think of the body – dust to dust, ashes to ashes – it’s gone, you know! But you’re saying somehow there’s a re-emergence of the very same physiology.

Inelia:   Yes, yes.

Rick:      Interesting, interesting.

Inelia:   Yes, that has been my personal experience of it. And when I looked into it I saw that there are some other teachings that reflect that teaching as well. For example, a person might have a previous life recollection, and then they’ll have another one that goes at the same time-space, and they go, “How can I have two lifetimes at the same time?” And it could very well be that one of those recollections is the body’s recollections, and the other one is their being’s.

Sometimes many physical traumas, for example, or fears or phobias, have to do with just the body, because the being is obviously not being to be scared of spiders; but the body will feel it. And it’s probably because of previous experiences in the past, where they’d been bitten by a poisonous spider or something.

Rick:      Yeah, and certainly there are genetic things programmed into us, you know, where fight or flight response, and all kinds of things that we are genetically programmed to do, various desires and drives and whatnot.

Inelia:   Right, so for me personally, when I tap into previous lifetimes, it’s very difficult to make a distinction between where it comes from. When I’m with somebody else I could very easily see their previous lifetimes and experience them as themselves, and then I’ve had recollections when I did some sort of, like I wanted to see what was there behind, was I right in that this was my first time, or whatever.

So I tried to look back, and I could find that when you ask a question, you can really feel in your field a yes or a no. This is a body technology that you can use. And I would look and see, “Is this my new code?” and then a kind of “Yes!” – you know, thinking. And then I asked, “Is this my body’s recollection? Is this to do with my body?” and it said, “Yes!”

Rick:      So you sure you weren’t just blocked from a memory?

Inelia:   No, no.

Rick:      Because people ordinarily are blocked from remembering past life memories.

Inelia:   No, no, I’ve never had blocks. I can pretty much travel through time-space quite nicely; I’ve never had a problem seeing. There was one incident that was really funny, where a person was talking to me about a previous lifetime she had had – a group of people – she was talking about a previous lifetime. And I think it was in medieval Britain, and she was talking about this very specific location and the person that she was. And I was looking at her and I wondered if she really was that, or if she’s tapping into the collective memory of that being, because like you said, everybody is Cleopatra, and this is a very well-known historical woman.

And so I tapped into her lifestream and I went back, and sure enough, she was there. And I was looking at her in that time-space, fascinated by this woman, and then all of a sudden, in that memory, in that kind of time-space in the past, she looks at me looking at her, and in this lifetime, and in this moment – present time – she looks at me and says, “And you were there!”

Rick:      Interesting.

Inelia:   And I was like, “Whoa,” so I pulled back. And I said, “Well maybe.”

Rick:      It’s kind of like putting mirrors next to each other – there’s this infinite thing going back and forth.

Inelia:   Exactly, yeah, and I thought, “Whoa,” you know, because she’s very intuitive, she’s very psychic, so I have to be careful sometimes. Because when you go back, you can actually change things.

Rick:      Yeah, yeah, there are all kinds of science fiction stories about that.

Inelia:   Right, so when I really look at [my] evolution, when I was saying [that] in the state before I came in there was nothing and there was everything, but I did not have consciousness as a singularity, I’m sure of that. And then I came in and my entire struggle through my human life has been to function as a singularity.

Even when I was very small, my mother had to tell me not to look into peoples’ minds, you know, because it was rude. Very simple little things, like, don’t answer before the question is actually verbalized. But all that could be just said, well, a lot of people have telepathic abilities or whatever, and that’s true because that’s part of the human toolkit.

And one of the things about that is that the whole thing about the human body and the human being is that we’re not really this unique singularity each person is experiencing; it’s quite an illusion really, it’s not real.

So for me, I see this lifespan – and I even saw myself as an older woman going back in time as a young child, to tell me, “That’s fine, it’s good, you’re doing great,” whatever. But I never saw beyond that; I never saw a next lifetime, or whatever. And when I looked at it, it was just this dissolving back into nothingness basically.

And I found out – I’m 45 years old, and throughout my entire life I have found out – time and time again, that whatever I do, whatever decisions I make or whatever comes to my life, or what we’re talking about earlier, that information that comes in requesting me to do something, has never, ever, been about me, as any singularity. It has never been to help or to not help, or to teach something to Inelia Benz; it always has been about something else, something greater, something to do with somebody else that’s doing great work, or to help the planet, or to do something, but it has never been about my personal evolution, as it were.

And I’ve never had that drive or interest in my personal evolution, it’s because it doesn’t really exist! I’m not here to evolve’ I’m here to do a job, and once that job is done, I’m done, you know? And that kind of gives me a huge freedom, because I don’t have any attachment to this person, I don’t have any attachment to this body, I don’t have any attachment to what happens to it later on. When this body and my self leave this kind of singular existence, I really don’t have any attachment whether I do go back to Source or not. It really doesn’t have any… no energy there, nothing.

Rick:      Well that’s interesting because most of the people I interview are people who, you know, started out life normally and at a certain point got interested in spirituality, and went through various stages of seeking and whatnot, and eventually, most of them, had an awakening in which they realized that they are not this individuality, at least not exclusively; they are sort of universal awareness, or universal consciousness, or whatever. There is no individual entity per se; they’re something much broader than that.

And in your case – when we talk we naturally use normal pronouns and everything, we say “I, this, you that,” but if you were to describe your normal, everyday experience, what do you take yourself to be? Is there predominantly a sense of Inelia – this person doing these things? Or do you identify more with abstract, impersonal, unmanifest, or what?

Inelia:   That’s really good. It’s actually a struggle really, because I came here to be human, because only by being human can I do something about raising the level of vibration of the planet and the collective. And it’s the only way I can have an effect on this matrix, is by being human. So I have to be human, but sometimes I have to remind myself.

And especially, my body has been my greatest ally because my body is a human body, right? So my body needs to eat, it needs to drink water, it has given birth four times and it has had four babies, and it’s been mind-blowing for me, personally. It’s like, “Wow! Look at this! There’s a little baby growing inside my body.” And I can feel this being, this enormous, huge, unlimited Divine being, and we’re sharing the same body because that’s what it is. We are actually sharing the same body for 9 months.

And then they come out and they have their own tiny little body, and they are kind of completely open and expanded and everything, and then they start contracting and becoming a singularity. And it’s like I remember the first, every time actually, for four times, when I see that I do feel a kind of panic, “Ahh!” – you know? Here it goes. And they contract and they contract, and they become this singularity and then they become familiar with their physical body, with their emotional body and everything, and then they become human.

And for my four children, they’re very awake, they’re very light. And one of them, every time I see him I keep saying, “Well, are you done playing human games yet, or will you be doing your work?” because he’s here to do a very important job as well. And he goes, “No, no, no, I’m not ready mum, I’m still playing my human game,” but he does it consciously. He goes into this really human, human game and he’s still playing it, and I just have to let it go, you know? It’s like, release it.

So that was a very good education for me of how it works. And also, it’s like my physical body, I had to really connect with it and learn how to listen, because human body, it actually needs contact, even physical contact with others. It needs to be stroked, it needs to be hugged, it needs to be kissed, it needs to be seen, it needs to see others, it needs to contact those others and have that interaction with other bodies. I call them ‘other bodies,’ because I can contact anybody that I know instantly, at a seeing level or a psychic level, but my body really needs the other contact, you know?

And I learned that when my mom died, and I was devastated. Oh, it was so horrible! I was in so much pain and I thought, “Why? She’s standing right next to me,” and I couldn’t understand why there was so much pain. And then I go, “Oh my goodness, it’s my body! My body won’t be able to see her. My body won’t be able to touch and hug her and kiss her or be seen or hugged and kissed by her.” And I understood, I understood what this was about… why we need that contact, why we need to communicate at that level.

So it has been for me, I have to remember or remind myself, usually when I wake up, “Okay, so now we have to eat, and we have to drink water, and we have to shower, and we have to do all of these things,” because if it was just left to me, my body will probably just die, you know? If I was just left to my own devices, you know?

And sometimes I do find when I’m channeling – and I call it channeling but it’s not; it’s like receiving that information directly that I have to put out there – I can go for a couple of days without eating or drinking or anything, just working away. And that’s not good for the body; it’s really not good for the body. So it has been a learning experience, really.

Rick:      Yeah, Amma does that too. You know, the hugging saint? She just, kind of like goes days and days without much food or sleep, or anything else. She’s just doing her thing and people have to sort of manage her in a way – make her take some sleep, and make her eat some food and all that because otherwise, she’s just oblivious to it.

Inelia:   Exactly! Right.

Rick:      Are you still married?

Inelia:   Yes, yes I am.

Rick:      Okay, what does your husband think of all this?

Inelia:   Ah, he just takes it in his stride. You know, it’s really funny, because he’s actually a really old soul. My husband is a really old soul, but he decided to not have those abilities or whatever, and he is just logistics, he’s the grounding person in my environment. We actually live in different houses because we found that we couldn’t live in the same house.

Rick:      Because he was too grounding or you were too ungrounding, or something?

Inelia:   Probably both, I found the energy was too, too dense in the household, so I had to actually move out. I moved out and we live like two minutes away from each other, but to have my own space – and I do spend a lot of the time there because we also have a five-year-old – but having that other space.

It was a very fine line for me as well because there’s now nobody there on the day-to-day to ground me or to remind me that people need feeding; I can fall back into that, you know, that forgetting about the body.

Rick:      Well your five-year-old must need relative, constant attention?

Inelia:   Exactly, yeah, and I’ve always had my other children – they’re 26, 24, and 23, so I had…

Rick:      They’re on their own, but does the five-year-old live with you?

Inelia:   No, he lives with his dad, but I go there every day and make dinner and make sure he’s fine and everything else, put him to bed. But exactly that, having children throughout my life has been extremely useful because they need to be got[ten] up in the morning, they have to have breakfast, they have to, you know, have that physical contact. So it has been very, very grounding, very useful for me to have them in my life.

Rick:      Sure. So you feel that there is no – I mean ultimately this can be said of everyone, but on the other hand, you can always see the paradox in everything. On the one hand, there is an entity which evolves, and on the other hand, there isn’t, there is no evolution, and that can be said for all 7 billion of us.

Inelia:   Absolutely.

Rick:      But in your case it seems, you’re saying, there is no entity which evolves.

Inelia:   Right.

Rick:      I mean, you as Inelia must be becoming in some ways more knowledgeable and more capable, and perhaps more wise even, but you’re saying that in terms of spiritual unfoldment or something, there isn’t any kind of growth taking place.

Inelia:   Right, I mean I can see the possibilities for everybody. I know, like you said, everybody is actually like that at the end of the day, and the whole, kind of, span of the singularity is actually [a] split-second illusion, but at the same time, that [split] second illusion, when we’re here in the physical body takes hundreds or maybe thousands of years. And that’s real, right, that’s real.

Rick:      In its own way.

Inelia:   In its own way. And for me personally, whenever I do something it’s not about me. Yes I have had a learning path, an experience on the planet, but the learning has been how to do the job the most effective way that I possibly can.

So the learning has been about, “Okay, so how do we break these limitations? How do we do it in a very practical way that everybody can do [it]?” And I go out and I investigate that, so that then I can use that information to help others raise their own vibration. And thus, when you have thousands and millions of people raising their personal vibration, you raise the level of vibration of the collective on the planet. Because at a Gaia level, at a planetary level, she’s already done it, you know? She’s already there, you know, we don’t need to help the planet anymore; it’s the collective, it’s the human collective.

Rick:      How do you define or how do you understand the intelligence which orchestrates your life? You know, which somehow resulted in you being born in the first place, and which, you say you get instructions from, to “go public” or to “do this” or to “do that.” Who is calling the shots?

Inelia:   Right, that depends on one’s religion, but it’s basically, the way that I see the ultimate singularity that exists in this matrix, it’s based on the Divine consciousness. And everything that we see, touch, feel, would be an expression of that Divine consciousness, even if … like a glass of water will be an expression of the Divine consciousness. And that’s what I see as the ultimate expression of singularity in this matrix.

Now, when I say I came from Source, it would feel like the first step of becoming, was that, that consciousness, and then it kind of shrank into a tiny little Inelia Benz singularity. And then where does the information come from? It’s very difficult to say he, her, them, whatever – and I normally use different ones. And any imagery that I would use would be to make it easier for myself to interpret. So if I see a woman dressed in white, calling herself Gaia, then that would be for that moment what I needed to understand what needs to be done. At other times I will just see a light and the collective awareness of this particular collective, and then [at other times] a collective awareness of other collectives that are cousins of ours – like the E.T.s and everybody else that’s ultra-dimensional, and so on and so on.

But how do I distinguish the information that comes in from that Source to my own ego, for example? – because I have an ego, being human we all have an ego – or to another entity that’s pretending to be Source? It’s really very simple; we basically evolved the ability to tell truth from lies. So anybody can do this: if you close your eyes and breathe deeply, and think of a truth, for example my personal one would be: ‘my name is …,’ and then you say your name. And that feels right. Or, ‘I am sitting on a chair,’ – very right. And then say an untruth: ‘I am sitting in an airplane,’ and that’s not true, right? And the energy, the entire energy, feeling, will change. It will have effects on the physical body in different points – in your tummy, maybe in your chest, in the back of your neck.

At a feeling level you’ll feel icky, and that is how you can tell the difference between something that’s coming from Source, and something that’s coming from somewhere else, whether it is your own ego or somebody pretending to be Source. And if something doesn’t feel right, then it most likely is not right.

Rick:      So your own orientation, I mean, you speak of “being shrunken down into a little Inelia Benz,” you know? Do you experience life, even now, as being both – the little Inelia Benz doing her thing, and the Divine consciousness which has vast … vastness?

Inelia:   Right, yes.

Rick:      So both, at the same time?

Inelia:   Yes, I can kind of answer that, because I’m not really sure whether my experience as a singularity is the same as others, because I have no direct correlation to that. And when I tap into another person, if I try to see how they see life, I can’t comprehend it, I can’t really go there, as it were.

I really don’t see the importance of a singularity. I can understand it, on a very theoretical level, and I had to learn about it because this is really important at this level of the game. But I don’t really comprehend that living as Inelia Benz… I’ve been saying, “Inelia Benz is irrelevant.” What she may want or wish, or whatever, which she doesn’t, is quite irrelevant.

Rick:      That kind of implies that you’re not locked into merely the perspective of Inelia Benz, you know, otherwise it would seem very relevant. There must be a broader context in which you dwell, and then from the perspective of that broader context, the concerns of Inelia Benz seem rather small.

Inelia:   Right! And sometimes I’ve been asked to get into, for example, a relationship, or experience something at a very human level and I go, “What’s the point?” But then I follow through, and I go through that experience and then I get learning from the human perspective. “Okay, so this is one of the challenges that people are having here. Now let’s find tools that we can help with it.”

Rick:      So in terms of your assignment, so to speak, to be born here and do the things you do, and not only in terms of the overall assignment of your entire life but in terms of specific tasks: “Okay, now do this, now do this,” do you feel that it’s just somehow the universal ocean of intelligence that… [I guess] I’m interested in whether there are individual beings, in some way, calling the shots, like you know, overseeing your life, like little puppeteers, big puppeteers, or whether that’s not the right way of looking at it, and it’s just the ocean of intelligence that just keeps arising in this wave, then in that wave, and those waves just wash through your life?

Inelia:   I think it’s the second. I do feel very much that it’s that kind of ocean of collective, perhaps, awareness that is responding to the agreements of the game. I have no attachment to light work or to dark work, I don’t really see any difference between them as a higher level. But in this game, the collective has to chosen to have a different experience. They are done with learning through suffering and pain and fear, and they want to have a different level of experience, a different experience.

Rick:      Who wants to have a different level?

Inelia:   The collective – this human and planetary collective.

Rick:      Meaning this collective consciousness. Okay, yeah.

Inelia:   And that’s why the call went out. And beings like myself were created to come in, and also beings from other, more subtle dimensions, or planets – higher vibrational – heard the call also, and incarnated here in human form, because it’s the only way really to do it.

Rick:      Yeah, and do you know that because you actually see them and interact with them, or do you know that because you read it in a book?

Inelia:   Oh no, when I meet somebody from Pleiadean, who has had their entire lifespan there and they’re just here for the first time, it’s very clear.

Rick:      You recognize them? Not through anything they say; you just sort of intuitionally see it?

Inelia:   I see it, physically see it. I mean, when I have done meet and greets, or sometimes you can meet them in the street.

Rick:      I showed you my alien form at the beginning of this interview! Also my dinosaur form and my cat form.

Inelia:   I like your cat form very much.

Rick:      I’m joking around because my Logitech software has this thing where you can have different faces or avatars, and actually the mouth moves according to how you’re speaking.

Okay, so what you’re saying is that there’s sort of a team effort going on, and all kinds of beings from all kinds of levels and places have assembled to bring about the changes that are taking place.

Inelia:   Oh yeah, definitely, yes, yes.

Rick:      And I’ve heard you elude to thousands of such people around the world doing this.

Inelia:   Yes, I mean there’s millions actually, but the ones that are really kind of aware and know what they are doing are in the thousands, yeah.

Rick:      I mean, there are a lot of people, like myself for instance, who feel like we are  part of a larger effort, and making our own little contribution to helping things along, but who have no sense of who they might be other than just living life, doing what they can, doing what inspires them; you know, no sense of having come from some other planet or some other level, or any such thing. Even though maybe that has happened, who knows, but it is not conscious.

Inelia:   Yeah, but there’s a knowing, isn’t there?

Rick:      There’s a knowing that you’re on a good track, but there’s not a knowing of – in my case anyway – any particular esoteric identity or anything.  Somebody told me I was Mark Twain in a past life, but who knows.

In any case, would you say that there are thousands who have this sort of orientation that you do, of never having been born before as a being of any sort, or even millions of those, or that’s more rare?

Inelia:   Well, as far as I know there’s just in the thousands, not really millions. Most of them are quietly working in the background, like I did for many years, others put out information, and a couple have been asked to go public. I don’t know why some have been asked to go public and some others haven’t, I really don’t know.

Rick:      Different roles.

Inelia:   Yeah, different roles.

Rick:      I heard you in your interview with Bill talk about some of the things that you do actually. I mean, even when you were a kid, you would go into a party and sit next to somebody and talk to them for quite a while, and then, later on, it would turn out he got cured of cancer, or something.

Inelia:   Yeah, that’s right.

Rick:      And you not only talked to him; you talked to him in Portuguese, which you don’t speak. And then you also mention stories of going on a subtle level and interacting with some despotic leader who is doing some terrible things, and kind of chilling him down. So [do] you still do this kind of stuff? Is that like how you fill your days?

Inelia:   There is a little bit of that at the moment. After I really started going public, I couldn’t do everything, so I had to put a stop to most of the mystical work, which is basically the ‘standing in the light’ to allow these other beings to be able to transmute. [And not only that] but the mystical battles as well, because I kind of had that warrior inside as well, and that had to come to a stop so I could just concentrate on giving out the message. And what’s the message? Each person is a Divine, extremely powerful being, and the powers that were don’t want you to know that because they want to continue with their own little game.

Rick:      Are you talking about human powers don’t want you to know that, or some kind of subtle dark forces?

Inelia:   It’s both, because when I look at it, there are beings that are very dark, they’re not in human form, who want to continue. And I think they are like leeches, they feel very much “vampiric” in that they kind of create, and they manipulate, and they use these, kind of, “elite” people to harvest the energy. And the energy is fear.

Basically, their essence is a very low vibration, and the lowest vibration that the human can generate is fear. So they manipulate the entire thing [through] suffering and fear so that they can kind of suck the energy out. I don’t know how to say it in proper words.

Rick:      So fear nourishes them.

Inelia:   Yes, yes.

Rick:      They attain nourishment off of people’s fear; collective fear or whatever.

Inelia:   Right, right!

Rick:      Well I could think of human entities who do that too, you know? I mean the whole military-industrial complex and things like that.

Inelia:   That’s how it’s reflected in our kind of reality-environment and through those humans.

Rick:      Yeah, I suppose that for almost anything we could talk about we could think of there being a human manifest, concrete expression, and then a subtler, more abstract, energetic expression of anything, light or dark or whatever.

Inelia:   That’s right, yes.

Rick:      What’s your take on the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement?

Inelia:   Yesterday I heard that they turned it into ‘Occupy Your Heart’ movement, which resonates a lot more with me than something standing against something. Because when you stand against something, you immediately enter the lower vibrational game.

When for example, the example you said earlier about when I talked about this being and standing with him, I was standing with him, I did not judge him. I was just there, looking at him, without judgment. It was like, “Oh, this is how darkness feels against the skin.” It wasn’t a judgment, it wasn’t fear, there was no energy behind it; I was just standing, looking at him. And that allowed him to then transform himself into light, to become a light being.

And I think that at a collective level, at a manifestation level, it’s very easy for it to be hijacked if people are standing against something. So we have to be very careful because you are entering that lower-level game.

Now people say, “Well, it’s all very well,” meditating and doing energy work, but then we have to get out there and do things for real. But what I haven’t seen, really, is solutions. I haven’t actually seen people providing… I mean, it’s all very well going into the streets saying, “We want more jobs,” but you’re just saying, ‘I want to continue playing this game where I have to pay to live on this planet,’ which is completely ridiculous! Whoever heard of someone having to pay to live in their own planet?

Rick:      Well, yeah, on the other hand, subtlety is lost on some of the controlling entities that these people are protesting against. And perhaps if everyone just meditates in their own private room, things will change, but it almost seems that there have to be more overt expressions or representations in order for the powers that be to get the hint.

Inelia:   Yes, yes.

Rick:      I mean, for instance, during the Vietnam War, I was already meditating by that point and I thought it was kind of ridiculous, all these people marching in the streets and having demonstrations. I thought, “Well, meditation is the key to world peace, and if they would all just do that.”

Inelia:   It was.

Rick:      Yeah, but now I see, well that was necessary too. It takes a thorn to remove a thorn, and a very kind of gross intelligence that’s running the show needs a gross, in-your-face challenge in order to begin to change their thinking.

Inelia:   Yeah, but the whole thing for me personally is not… I’m not involved in that; it’s not my role.

Rick:      No, it’s not your role.

Inelia:   It’s not my role, it’s somebody else’s role. If they have to go out in the street and do it, people will come up and do it, and if they get hijacked – too bad, but if they don’t – great! But it’s really not my role, it’s not my job, even to comment on that.

And I often remember when I studied the Inca Empire, it was in the 80s or something, there was a writing that has been reflected and I’ve read it a few times in different historical periods, where this priest said, “It doesn’t really matter for the peasant whether it’s the Inca or the Spaniards ruling him; his life is going to continue exactly the same from day to day.”

And at the end of the day, what economic system exists on the planet, for me, it’s a vibrational level that needs to change; it’s not how much people are paid or if they’re paid. For me vibrationally, the system that’s in place at the moment is enslaving because you’re creating debt, and debt is an energy of enslavement. It’s one of the chains in the karmic enslavements: debt, any energy debt. And if people go into debt, they are energetically chained to the person or the entity that they’re indebted to.

Rick:      Yeah, I think it was Shakespeare who said, “Never a lender nor a debtor be.”

Inelia:   Right! I agree.

Rick:      Well you would probably agree with the notion that you don’t really help a tree too much by watering its leaves. You’ve got to water the roots and then the nourishment will be drawn up into the tree and then leaves will flourish. And so I can understand your perspective that it’s not the manipulation of systems that is so important, as it is the change in consciousness and then better systems will arise.

But I suppose somebody has got to get out there and implement those better systems, so there’s always going to be people acting on that level. But would you say that perhaps this ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement, which is actually worldwide now, is an expression or a manifestation of the shift that’s taking place at a subtler level in consciousness?

Inelia:   Yes, I think so, because before now, people were very happy to go [on] sleeping and not question anything. So it is, it’s like a reflection. The vibration of the planet, as it rises, inevitably, even the most sleepy of sleepers will wake up a little bit. And if it does manifest in men going out in the street or even going out and saying, “Hmm, maybe I shouldn’t be working in the factory anymore. Maybe I should start painting like I wanted to all my life,” you know, that’s level of change. Every millimeter of change that happens to each individual on the planet, is going to be reflected in the collective.

Rick:      So what are some ways that you help others raise their vibration? You mentioned that in the beginning, that that was your primary role: raise the vibration of the planet. So what do you do to raise the vibration of the planet?

Inelia:   Right, at the moment I don’t do it for others. I get all of these emails saying, “Raise my levels because I need it,” you know? And it’s like, “You haven’t read anything that I’ve written!” because it’s all about doing it themselves.

When people, when a person gives me their power, I throw it back at them. I say, “I don’t want your power, do it yourself.” I provide tools, there are tools on my website and there’s the full text for the Fear Processing exercise; the most important exercise that I have discovered. Because once you process your fear, which is the lowest denominator for the human expression of vibration, once you process that, immediately your entire vibration will raise because you take away the lowest one. So your average raises.

Rick:      So it’s like dragging everything else down.

Inelia:   Exactly, yeah. So once you process your fear everything else raises, and then you can start pumping in lights and love, whatever, and it raises even more. And it’s about each individual doing it themselves. It’s not about “Inelia Benz is doing it for them,” or God knows who else is doing it for them.

“Heal me!” – no, it’s not about that; learn to heal yourself, you know?

Rick:      Yeah, so you have techniques, practices, whatever methods on your website. Are they free or do they cost money?

Inelia:   They are both. Everything is available for free in that the text is there, the pure person, the tools are there – they can record their own, there are some that they can download for free. And I have a course and its cost is $99, but if a person doesn’t have funds, all they have to do is write to us saying, “I don’t have funds and I commit to finishing this course,” that’s all they have to do, and they get a free copy.

So it’s all about energy exchange. If they’re willing to commit to finishing the course, they’ll get it for free.

Rick:      How much time does it take a person to do this thing?

Inelia:   It varies on the person because it has 20 –I think it’s 20 – units. So the person has to do the unit until they feel they have actually done it. And it’s all about processing and tackling their own vibrations at different body levels – the physical level, the emotional level, the mental level, the ego level, the energy level, the subtle bodies. And they tackle each one at one time, and then do a kind of body collective ascension exercise; ascension being the expansion of awareness. It’s not that you go anywhere, but you expand your awareness. And that’s basically the course for each individual.

Rick:      Does it take an hour a day? 20 minutes a day?

Inelia:   Yeah, I would say, I would give it like half an hour a day. I think the longest exercise is half an hour.

Rick:      Is there any advantage to doing it in a group of people or is it pretty much an individual thing?

Inelia:   I’ve heard of people getting together to do it and I know there’s a group that’s meeting in Quebec, they’re doing it as a group and a study group as well. But that’s up to the individual; if they want to do it in a group or not, it’s really up to them. It doesn’t really make any difference to the results.

Rick:      is it effortless? Is it something that everyone is capable of doing, or are some people better at it than others, or something?

Inelia:   It’s been designed so that it’s easily reachable to anybody. It has no dogma; it has no extraordinary beliefs. If a person doesn’t believe in the things that the exercises [teach], they just do it as an exercise of daydreaming, so you daydream into it.

Some people have expressed that they have difficulty visualizing and they might have a problem, but if you have … even the exercise will say, “If you can’t visualize then simply feel it or hear it,” you know? And yes, it is an effort. The person has to sit down for that half an hour and do it.

Rick:      But it’s arduous, it’s not such a hard thing to do, you know, like breaking out in sweat on your forehead.

Inelia:   No, no, it’s not like that.

Rick:      Can a child do it or do you have to be a certain age to get into it?

Inelia:   To buy it, because of the laws of the land and everything, you have to be an adult, unless you have permission from your parents to do it.

Rick:      18 or something?

Inelia:   Right, yeah.

Rick:      And what’s your track record? I mean, how many people have learned it and what sort of success rate have you seen, in terms of peoples’ lives and all?

Inelia:   The feedback has been tremendous and really old souls that have done like everything that you can think of on the planet, have written and said, “This is awesome. This is really, really good,” and yeah, the response has been tremendous.

We’ve had, between the ones that have gone out for free and the ones that have been purchased, hundreds of thousands have gone out.

Rick:      Hmm, must be a rich lady.

Inelia:   Well, if it was all sold, yes.

Rick:      So a lot of people take the freebie, hmm?

Inelia:   Yeah.

Rick:      Hopefully they follow through on it.

Inelia:   And the thing that follows through there, because there are so many requests, I need staff to deal with it.

Rick:      Oh, so you have to pay them, right.

Inelia:   Exactly, so there’s the hosting, there’s the staff that looks after the website and other staff that looks after the requests and the orders. So it works out really well, I have no attention on it whatsoever; it just flows in and out perfectly well, I don’t have to worry about it. Whoever needs it is going to get it.

Rick:      Do you travel around speaking at conferences or giving retreats or things like that?

Inelia:   Very little, I’ve done two seminars. I did one seminar with Bill Ryan here in Sacramento, and one in Vilcabamba. And then we decided we really didn’t want to work together anymore, so we stopped doing those.

I did a meet and greet here in Grass Valley on the  23rd, and that was awesome because for me the new paradigm is not about somebody standing in front of everybody teaching them; it’s to do with that connection with others, the energy connection and the networking.

So we’re all audiences, there are no followers anymore; there’s an audience. And an audience can walk out the door anytime they want, an audience can listen to different speakers at any time, or at the same time. And that’s the new paradigm, that’s the new energy that’s behind us. We network with dots of light that connect with other dots of light, and we share, and we learn from each other.

And I feel that the meet and greets and the retreats, or whatever that I would do would be about connecting. It wouldn’t be about teaching them anything, because people don’t need teaching anymore; they’ve done the rounds, they know what they want, and they know what’s needed. And all the tools that I teach are at my website anyway, so I don’t have anything extra, right?

But it’s that connection; it’s that energy connection between ourselves and as a group. The people who come to these things, the highest feedback was, “I made this connection with wonderful people around the world, and that was the highest benefit that I received from that event.” So basically, if I do anything, it will be about that – connecting with others and as a group.

Rick:      There’s a saying, I forget who coined it but it’s, “The next Buddha is the sangha.” You know what sangha means? Sangha means “the group,” or “the collective.” And so rather than one individual who kind of like comes to save the world, it’s just what you were saying, it’s more of a group. Everybody is sort of rising together.

Inelia:   Exactly, yes!

Rick:      There’s so many teachers out there these days and it’s almost like friend to friend, as opposed to one super-duper, incredibly enlightened person to all the underlings.

Inelia:   Right, right, right. So anybody who is looking for a savior, just look in the mirror, you know?

Rick:      Are you feeling optimistic about the course of events and about the fate of the world, and all that?

Inelia:   Oh absolutely, yes, it’s great.

Rick:      Yeah, you think it’s a done deal in terms of a much brighter time coming?

Inelia:   Yes it is, it’s a done deal.

Rick:      Do you think there’s going to be a lot of trauma yet to undergo in the transition to that?

Inelia:   I think it depends on the individual attachment. If an individual is extremely attached to their reality as it stands today, they’re going to suffer because they’re still going to have pain at that level of when somebody is attached to something. Then when they lose that something or when they think they’re going to, that fear comes in and then they’re going to suffer, you know, because fear, suffering, attachment, it’s all linked together.

But if you don’t have that attachment then you’re going to be fine, and also, once you realize, “Hold on a minute, I can really create my own reality. I can really make it so that I can experience what I really want to experience,” and really go into that space [of] “I’m not here to learn from suffering anymore; I’m here to learn how to create and be the creator of my reality, and co-creator of agreed realities.”

Rick:      It seems like there’s collective attachment as well as individual attachment. Like as a society, as a culture, we are kind of deeply vested in certain economic systems and political systems and all sorts of things. And a lot of that is driven by stuff that is extremely harmful, you know, that is destroying the environment, or that’s keeping billions of people impoverished when there’s really enough to go around, and so on. And so it seems like a lot of that has somehow got to change and collapse, and that collapse might be rather painful for those attached to it.

Inelia:   Yeah, definitely. When I see the vibration of the collective rising and that of the planet rising, it makes it really toxic for any other lower vibration. So the experience of a lower vibrational being going through this raising of the vibration of the collective is going to hurt, you know, it’s not going to be a nice experience for them.

Rick:      Yeah, so I think that point bears a little bit of reiteration or focus. So what you’re saying is that … some Dylan line that’s coming to mind: “The times they are a ‘changing.” What you’re saying is that if people don’t voluntarily and intentionally raise their vibrational level, through whatever means they find effective, that the transition is going to be more uncomfortable for them, even catastrophic perhaps, than for those who have been actually participating in this raising of the vibration.

Inelia:   Right, right, yeah.

Rick:      Yeah, it’s almost like I’ve sort of felt for a long time that the shift is inevitable, this change that the world is going to undergo. And all these teachers and all who have been coming, have just been trying to kind of lubricate the mechanism so that there won’t be too much gnashing of gears – so that it will be as smooth as possible for everybody; minimal suffering.

Inelia:   Minimal, yeah. Yeah, because the change is already happened, but if you take somebody’s reality and you change it completely from one moment to the other, I don’t know if that person can survive.

Rick:      Too abrupt.

Inelia:   Even at a physical level, the bodies don’t like thinking that the table is not solid, you know? So I don’t really know whether that would be able to happen. Others who are very willing to move on and just had enough and they think, “Okay, we [are ready to move on],” if they sit long enough they will see that everything kind of shines, and it’s crystal lining around them.

But at the collective, kind of mass level, it has to be baby steps, you know? So the changes have to come in gradually, with social activities; it has to be a gradual movement. But as I said, it will take about three generations for the change to be really, really experienced, however, you can experience it now.

And there are a couple of points that are really important, one of them is: you raise your level of vibration by processing your fear and immediately you will start seeing things, like you think of something and it manifests into your life, as long as it is in concordance with your life; if it is in tune with your life, with what you want to do and is not an ego thing, you know? And then the other thing is, I get hundreds of emails and questions, people saying, “Have I been chosen?” “Am I on the right side of the shift?” And it’s not you’ve “been chosen;” it’s where you choose to be!

Where did you choose to be? Then you’ll know where you are. But that whole thing of externalizing it, making it into some other deity, whether it’s an E.T. or a god or something that’s going to choose you, make you a chosen person to go into the new kind of thing, that’s still the old paradigm. That’s still somebody saving you, you know, but it is yourself: have you raised your vibrational level enough to be in the new shift? And if you are asking yourself, “Have I been chosen?” you obviously have, because you know which side of the shift you want to be at!

Rick:      Yeah, it wouldn’t even occur to you otherwise.

Inelia:   Right, exactly.

Rick:      Yeah, so just get on with it.

Inelia:   Yeah, get on with it.

Rick:      So when you say three generations, are you saying that things are going to be kind of yucky throughout the rest of our lifetimes and you think that three generations from now everything is going to be heavenly, or what do you mean by ‘three generations?’

Inelia:   The new paradigm is about creation and about unifying ourselves as a group. I mean, we can unify with a small group to create something larger or as an entire collective – keeping our singularities but being part of the larger singularity, and that’s a new expression of reality. Well, new as in the cycle has come around again. Well…so, what was the question again, sorry?

Rick:      Well, just that what do you envision the world being like three generations [from now]? And I guess by three generations we mean 75 years from now, as compared to the way it is now.

Inelia:   The reason that I see that, is that those individuals who want to continue having an experience that is very solid, very low vibration, will live out their lives. They will live their natural lives and die, and then they will be reborn somewhere else where they can continue that path of learning.

Rick:      Hmm, I see.

Inelia:   Now the others will continue their life, and [their] life here on the planet obviously will become uncomfortable for them. But the ones that already know what they want, and they really know they want to have this new experience of living on the planet, it can happen right away, as soon as you decide it, you know? [So] empower yourself.

Rick:      But for it to be a planetary [thing], I could see why you would say it would take several generations because it takes a while to clear out the people that would probably be better off somewhere else.

Inelia:   Right, right, for them to live out their natural lives, and how does that serve others? People don’t want to lose their loved ones, you know? If everybody who wasn’t ready for this dimension kind of disappeared from our lives, what would happen? I mean, the people who are here, who want to continue this experience, would suffer. They would lose loved ones and friends, even the bus driver – or God knows who – that you need to get to where you’re going. So it’s not a practical thing, and bodies also need that moment, that time of readjustment.

Rick:      Yeah, and I hope we’re not sounding elitist to people like, “Oh, these low people have to die off so that us higher beings can carry on and have a lovely planet.”

Inelia:   It’s not.

Rick:      I mean, it seems to me there’s a great deal of voluntariness about the thing, you know? Anyone can hop on the bus.

Inelia:   Oh yeah, it’s up to the person and their higher self to decide where that person’s evolution is best served. And there’s no judgment on who stays and what they want to do, and who wants to leave and why. When we feel that judgment, when we feel that type of “Oh, this is elitist,” we really have to process that. Because there’s no more value in one person over another; it’s just a different choice of experience that another person wants to have.

Rick:      There could be sort of a spiritual egotism, I’m sure you’ve seen it where people feel like, “Oh, I’m so highly evolved and my group is the best, and everybody else is lower than this,” and “All these other teachers, they don’t have the true story that my teacher has,” and all that kind of silliness

Inelia:   Yeah, right, right. Whenever you come across something like that, if somebody says, “I have the only truth,” then run a mile, because there isn’t one truth, you know?

Rick:      Yeah, or if there is, then it’s one that we’re all grounded in, ultimately.

Inelia:   Yeah, yeah.

Rick:      You mentioned E.T.s a couple of times, and since this whole interview is a bit of a deviation from the kind of interview I usually do – my dog is very vociferous here (Rick commenting on dog barking in background), he’s all excited about things – … maybe I should introduce her. Come here, come here. People got to see my cat one time … this is Shanti (the dog).

Inelia:   Awww, oh my God, she’s so cute.

Rick:      She’s great. When we got her there was somebody out in the country who called the sheriff and said, “There’s a stray dog on my property, come out and shoot it.” So the sheriff came out, actually had his gun pulled, and couldn’t do it. So he brought her to the animal shelter and my wife was volunteering there at the time, and she really bonded.

This dog was very traumatized, and all the other dogs picked on her and didn’t let her in the dog houses, and all this stuff. But my wife, Irene, started working with her and taking her for walks every day, and she’s just been the greatest do. We totally love her.

Inelia:   She’s wonderful, has lots of energy.

Rick:      Anyway, I was saying, this interview is a bit of a deviation from the ones I usually do and that’s fine, because I have a very broad view of spirituality, personally. I don’t think that the whole nonduality world has a complete package, or any other world.

It’s sort of, if you look at it from God’s perspective: big universe, many souls, many paths, and a great deal of mystery that no one brain can completely comprehend; there’s just always… it’s a vast and mysterious universe.

But I said that by way of introducing that whole concept of E.T.s, which you’ve alluded to. And that whole thing kind of dawned on me back in the 1980s. At one point I went out when my father died, I was in Denver staying with a friend, and he had this big coffee table book from this guy – Billy Myers – in Switzerland, and I saw all these photos and I thought, “Holy mackerel! It’s a whole phenomenon that’s actually part of the picture of what’s happening to our world.”

And so yeah, I got into it for a while, read a bunch of books, and after a while they weren’t saying anything new, so I just sort of didn’t give it much attention. But what is your sense of how prominent or significant a role extraterrestrial life may be playing at this time, or even throughout history, in the evolution of our planet?

Inelia:   Well at a physical level they’ve added a lot of genetic material; the humans are not really a natural result of evolution, as far as I can see. But at a more kind of “today” level, extraterrestrial and ultra-dimensional beings are our cousins. It’s like having a family with various characters, all different interests and levels and they all look different, or whatever. They’re all humanoid … not all obviously, but the ones that we can see. But they’re not like angels, or gods, or saviors. As soon as we go into that kind of paradigm, we’re looking into it in an old paradigm kind of way. They’re cousins.

Why are they interested in us? Because they form part of our larger collective, we are genetically related. What we do here on the planet will affect them at [a] very direct level. Those who have incarnated here as human beings from other planets obviously want to accelerate this, if they are from a higher vibrational planet or dimension. And also there are others who are here because they want their collective to partake in this evolution, so they’ve sent people to have this experience. And as soon as their people have this experience, it goes into their collective.

And there is, at a physical level, I’ve heard many people say they’ve had contact with actual spaceships – going into spaceships and things like that. And I’m thinking really, whether it’s a positive experience or negative experience very much depends on the person’s agreement. Nobody has the right to give you a negative experience without your agreement.

Even if the agreement is saying, “We’re superior to you and we’re going to do this to you,” and the person is going, “Whoa!!” – okay, you know, that’s the agreement, right? If the person says, “No you’re not,” then they can’t.

Rick:      Well why should that be the case, I mean, if it’s not the case among human beings? Because throughout history all kinds of things have been done to humans without their “apparent” agreement. Are you saying that there was a sort of tacit agreement on some level before they came into this life, that they agreed to go to Auschwitz or something like that?

Inelia:   Everything that happens to you on the planet, even at a physical level, has to have your agreement. Whether it’s at a higher-self level or whether it’s an agreement that has been conned out of you. It’s like somebody approaches a child and they say, “I’m an adult so you have to do what I say,” the child will say, “Okay.” Another child will say, “I don’t think so.”

Rick:      So it might not be an informed agreement; it might be coerced?

Inelia:   Exactly, coerced.

Rick:      So it’s not much of an agreement then if it’s something that happens without your being capable …I mean, we have laws against people having sex with minors or whatever, because they’re not in a position to really agree in a mature way. So it almost seems to not make sense to call it an agreement.

Inelia:   Well they do… at an energy level they do have to have that agreement. They have to have the “yes, okay,” whether it’s through fear – and that’s what they’ve been doing. The dark forces have been getting the agreements out of humans through fear. We’re very scared, “So I’m afraid of you, so you can do nasty things to me.” And then why were they able to get that agreement, even if it was kind of conned out of people because the individuals that came in had that agreement of having an experience where they didn’t remember they were sovereigns.

And that’s what’s going out of the planet; this is what’s being removed out of the experience of the planet, that unconsciousness of experience is being removed. And the new experience is where the person is conscious and can now consciously agree or disagree what happens to them.

Rick:      I see. So just to dwell a little bit more on this E.T. thing, do you feel there’s an upsurge of activity of that sort because there’s something really special happening on the planet at this time, and it’s attracting their attention?

Inelia:   Yeah, I think so. I mean, when I scan, there’s hundreds of different species out there surrounding the planet, looking and seeing. And some of them are interested just to look, others want to take part in it, others want to support it, others want to stop it. You know, it’s like there’s a whole range of beings out there, not just extraterrestrial but ultra-dimensional as well.

Rick:      So when you say you scan, that means that you’re able to sit and in your mind’s eye you’re able to sort of scan, and you see this whole crowd out there?

Inelia:   Right, yes.

Rick:      Is that like your daily routine? I mean, is that kind of stuff just totally normal for you?

Inelia:   Yeah, that’s normal for me.

Rick:      Every day you do something of that nature perhaps?

Inelia:   Right, yeah.

Rick:      Hmm, interesting, we probably should have talked more about that. Maybe we can take another 5 or 10 minutes just to dwell on that, and then we’ll wrap it up because I don’t want to keep you too long. But tell us, go through your day. Obviously you do the normal stuff – you get up in the morning, you take a shower, you eat your food and you see your kid and so on, but in terms of like the more sort of spiritual or esoteric or subtle things, what is your routine? What do you do in order to, I don’t know, to explore or investigate or aid, and so on?

Inelia:   The first thing I do in mornings is basically scan to see, are there any emotions, feelings, or anything that is driving my attention towards it, whether it’s at a physical level or a more subtle level. And if there is something there, I will focus on it, and I just look at it and accept it and welcome it, and then process it. That normally brings some information with it.

I used to do a half an hour meditation a day and that was enough for what I needed to do: download information and get interest or look at things that I was asked to do – do research or look for people, or whatever.

Rick:      And this could be stuff all over the world… that you’re checking out and doing things?

Inelia:   Yes. But then a few months ago, I think it was July, I was asked to up it to 4 hours a day, and I thought, “Whoa, I don’t think I can do 4 hours a day; my body is not used to it!” I’m not trained to do 4 hours a day in meditation and I thought, “Why?” Because at the moment, what’s being asked of many people is to anchor themselves – remove themselves, obviously, as an ego entity – for the higher vibrational energy, the pure Source energy, to come through and anchor on the planet at a collective level, and the more hours we can spend in that space, the better.

So part of my work was that, and then through that, I also will be getting more information and instructions and ideas on how to become more efficient at raising the level of vibration of the planet: how does one do it? What tools can there be? What can we do as individuals? What can I do as a person in singularity?  – and then go and do it.

And I personally was booked to do this work, this particular phase – probably the public side – until 2017.

Rick:      Booked meaning people have actually scheduled you to come and speak someplace?

Inelia:   No, no, no; booked as in a “Source kind of way.”

Rick:      A subtle way.

Inelia:   Yeah.

Rick:      So that’s your like tour of duty, or something … till 2017.

Inelia:   Exactly!

Rick:      I see.

Inelia:   And I had other roles before, and when those roles came to an end I had the choice to leave. And whenever I had that choice to leave I was also given another request: “Can you please do this instead? Instead of leaving, can you do this?”

And that’s what happened last January, and I kind of thought about it. And I’ll think about it and I’ll say, “Yeah, I’ll do that,” or whatever. And in 2017 it’s very likely that I’ll have another choice to leave, or maybe I’ll be given another job and I’ll look at it and decide whether I’ll do it or not.

The life experience for me is actually really, really hard – very difficult to live as a human being. And at one point in my early twenties, I thought, “Whoa! I want to check out, I can’t do this.” But at this very moment, this present time, it’s actually quite exciting. It’s like it’s the first time that I’ve been excited about being here, very enthusiastic about being here, and being in the United States, where it’s really, really thick, and so this is where it’s going to be dispersed out in the collective, you know?

So yeah, I’m actually enjoying it quite a lot. So I take time to smell the flowers and I have to take my body for a walk every day and take it for a swim every now and then and look after it, but apart from that my time would be dedicated, whether awake or asleep, to how to become more efficient at doing this job.

Rick:      Cool, yeah, sounds like you’re having fun.

Inelia:   Yeah, it’s great fun.

Rick:      Yeah, beats being just unmanifest, I guess. So alrighty, I can keep asking you questions all day because that’s just the way my mind works, but I probably should let you go, and my wife says lunch is ready.

So this is great. Is there any little closing message that you feel like you’d like to say, that I haven’t asked some question, or that something comes to mind that you’d like to leave people with?

Inelia:   Well it’s something that we already spoke about, and it’s for every individual to realize that the biggest secret they don’t want you to know is that you are a very powerful, extremely powerful being that can create your own reality, can co-create with others, and you have full control and power over that – at a physical, emotional, mental, and environmental level as well.

Rick:      Great, and if people come to your website, there will be some things there that could help to empower them to do just what you’re saying?

Inelia:   Absolutely. There’s over 80 articles – more like 90 or 100 articles there –they can read through for information on different aspects of life, there’s tools and there’s downloads they can get, there’s an iPod-cast little link that has loads of interviews and exercises they can do, and there’s the course as well, and yeah, there’s tons of stuff there they can do.

Rick:      Great, and that’s, right?

Inelia:   Yes, yeah.

Rick:      Good, and I’ll be linking to that from my website so people can go there. Have you written any books or anything, published any books?

Inelia:   Yeah, I have a couple of books still under publication. I don’t know what it’s called… it’s still out there.

Rick:      In process.

Inelia:   And there’s a couple of books which are still published; I have written other books which are no longer published.

Rick:      There are some which are available to buy.

Inelia:   Right, right, there are a couple of books. There’s Interview with an Alien, and that was taken from very personal experiences as well as other peoples’ experiences, and I put them…

Rick:      Did you say, “Interview with Inelia,” or “Interview with an alien?”

Inelia:   With an alien.

Rick:      Oh, okay, subtle difference of pronunciation.

Inelia:   Interview with an Alien, but it does have my own personal experience in there too, as well as other peoples’ experiences. And you can also get all the articles from 2010 in a book form there, and a download form, but they are all there in the website anyway.

Rick:      Okay, great. So that’s a good closing point. People have plenty of homework they can do if they want to. Well thanks, Inelia, this has really been enjoyable.

Inelia: Yeah, thank you, it’s been a pleasure.

Rick: Let me make a couple of concluding remarks: this interview with Inelia Benz is part of an ongoing series; I do one every week. And if you want to check out the other ones or possibly sign up for the little email notification so that you’ll get an email whenever I post a new one, go to – B-A-T-G-A-P, which is an acronym for Buddha at the Gas Pump. You can also sign up for a podcast there – click on a link, it will take you to the Apple’s Podcasts site and subscribe to the podcast.

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