266. Tom Campbell

Tom CampbellIn February of 2003, Tom published the My Big TOE trilogy (MBT) which represents the results and conclusions of his scientific exploration of the nature of existence. This overarching model of reality, mind, and consciousness explains the paranormal as well as the normal, places spirituality within a scientific context, solves a host of scientific paradoxes and provides direction for those wishing to personally experience an expanded awareness of All That Is. The MBT reality model explains metaphysics, spirituality, love, and human purpose at the most fundamental level, provides a complete theory of consciousness, and solves the outstanding fundamental physics problems of our time, deriving both relativity theory and quantum mechanics from first principles – something traditional physics cannot yet do. As a logic-based work of science, My Big TOE has no basis in belief, dogma, or any unusual assumptions.

In the interview, Tom referred to a conference at which he’s going to speak. Here’s info about that: May 22-24, 2015. Tom as well as many other prominent researchers of post-materialistic consciousness science will convene at the International Academy of Consciousness’ (IAC) research campus, located near Évora, in the Alentejo region in Portugal, for the 1st INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF CONSCIENTIOLOGY (which means consciousness-ology). Confirmed speakers include Brenda Dunne, former manager of the historic Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research laboratory and president of International Consciousness Research Laboratories (USA, co-author of Margins of Reality); NASA’s Tom Campbell, nuclear physicist (USA, author of My Big TOE); Massimiliano Sassoli de Bianchi, PhD (Switzerland, author of The Observer Effect: The Quantum Mystery Demystified), Ulisse di Copo, PhD and Antonella Vannini, PhD (Italy, authors of Syntropy: The Energy of Life), Chantal Toporow, PhD (USA, representative of the Society for Scientific Exploration), and Wagner Alegretti, Electrical Engineer (Brazil, senior researcher with the International Academy of Consciousness). Swiss neuroscientist Olaf Blanke will represent the more conventional view, thus enriching the debate. Additional multidisciplinary speakers, who will be selected from over 50 entries from researchers worldwide, will represent a number of institutions and perspectives, from near-death experiences to measurable effects of the mind on physical systems. Weblink to congress: http://icc.iacworld.org/#. Weblink to ongoing courses in consciousness development and out-of-body experiences: www.iacworld.org.

Interview recorded 11/14/2014.

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