436. Sperry Andrews

Sperry AndrewsWhether one-on-one, serving on a team, or as a group facilitator, I love sharing experientially and insightfully. My background is in physics, neuroscience, philosophy, (para)psychology, art and art history, healing, mysticism, and filmmaking. For over thirty years, I have explored two-way telesomatic awareness with hundreds of groups internationally, contributed to original laboratory research in the field of distant mental influence (DMILS), published essays on the origins of primordial consciousness and its evolution in space over time–forming and un-forming matter and energy – mind and body.

From an N.D.E. at four to founder/co-director of the Human Connection Institute, advisory board member of the Lifeboat Foundation and director of group intelligence on the faculty of the Vetha Center for Transdisciplinary Studies, I have designed and implemented educational programs to help shift the separative ‘mind-set’ of humanity. It is my sense of nature’s intentions that our interconnectedness is meant to be felt and thought—intuitively–by every human being.

By sharing the experience of being a single body, heart and mind–with thousands of individuals–I’ve witnessed, inter-subjectively as well as objectively, that any interested and willing person can experience and share a commonly-sensed unconditionally-loving intelligence. This alternative way of being is readily learned and lived in everyday life. It has guided participants to achieve and maintain experiences of a ‘Collective Self.’ My research has also confirmed that ‘this’ can happen rapidly and reliably—even with total strangers.

I have given invited presentations on human interconnectedness and the Human Connection Project at the United Nations, World Business Academy, Duke University, University of Connecticut, and the Association for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach. My articles have appeared in Frontier Perspectives, Alternative Therapies, Exceptional Human Experience, and Cosmos and History: The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy.

I currently orchestrate a large-scale, spiritually-inspired, multinational, scientifically-based, media (HC) project to help facilitate humanity’s imminent leap into collective enlightenment.

The Human Connection Project (HCP) was initiated to present life-changing, scientifically derived images of our interconnectedness via news reports, print media, talk show formats, feature documentaries, and dramatic films–to offer an alternative to the current (mainstream) scientific worldview in which we are considered psychically and physically isolated from one another, as well as separate from our origination in Nature.

Experiences of ‘unity consciousness’ are being offered online as the next step in social media. I have a project – now underway – to offer ‘all of us’ access to our combined intelligence and spiritual unity – 24/7 in multiple languages around the clock.

My interest in consciousness-for-its-own-sake began in a childhood near-death experience. Unable to avoid feeling that everyone and everything is connected, led me into meditative and contemplative visioning, including healing and teaching work. I was formally educated at Antioch College, Maryland Art Institute, New School for Social Research, the University of Australia, in Hobart, Tasmania, State University of New York and City College, San Francisco.

As a visual artist, I have painted and shown my work in many parts of the world, including a period of four years in Australia and a year in South America. My paintings are owned by both public and private collections internationally.

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Interview recorded January 6, 2018.