149. Rose Rosetree

Rose RosetreeRose Rosetree serves as a healing-oriented Enlightenment Coach. The founder of Rosetree Energy Spirituality, she helps clients to remove subconscious blockage and awaken a stronger soul expression, teaching a variety of skill sets for self-healing (and also training professionals through mentoring programs). A growing number of her clients have moved into Enlightenment.

Rose previews this interview for you, listing her personal highlights from this time-flew-by interview with Rick Archer:

  1. Answering questions like, “What makes you think you can tell if people are Enlightened or not?” and “Could a person be Enlightened without knowing it?”
  2. Describing the three unique scriptures that can be created by each human being.
  3. Aura reading research of someone Enlightened who needed to resort to a bit of light fibbing. (This pull-out of an energetic hologram was a first in Rose’s experience of Energetic Literacy.)
  4. How energetic literacy can be taught in a manner that doesn’t involve psychic development but, rather, helps a person to “Capture the fort.”

Interview recorded 11/24/2012

Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.