029. Reena Gagneja

In 2007, whilst finding myself with much time alone, a spiritual awakening occurred over a matter of a few short weeks. What transpired alongside this initially, was the dark night of the soul, or an emotional and spiritual catharsis. During this dark night I went to the ends of the spectrum of emotional suffering and pain, and then the subsequent awakening was a fundamental shift away from all of that.

The many ego facades that I portrayed to the outside world, and most importantly, to myself, dropped off the radar. The ‘me’ was now revealed as having no defined basis, the basis that had seemed apparent for all those years previous to this, was now seen as false. I experienced an inner sensation of emptiness, a stillness, which I came to see as the fundamental true resting place of everything. All is intrinsically connected to All.

There was no more seeking (I had been seeking for over 20 years). Home had been found within. Thoughts and thinking became more functional and my mind was no longer preoccupied with assessments, analyses and whys and wherefores. Boredom was no more. Emotions were seen as what they are – just emotions, and not a statement about me. Awareness of the emotional domain (suffering and pain) took away the sting of this very domain. Compassion and love arose, through the acceptance of what was not these within myself. I went on to be graced with profound and direct experiences of Truth that were shown to me unequivocably through my own body and mind. In one such experience I was shown that the Universe is Still Intelligence, this occurred in a dream that was not a ‘normal’ dream. With each such experience greater and greater inner cleansing took place instantly, simply because I asked. I am grateful daily for what I have been shown, and my wish is for awakening for the many, for it is in conscious awareness that the ghosts are finally laid to rest and we rise beyond inner conflict into fuller self-expression and co-creation.

I left corporate life and now work as a Spiritual Counsellor and Soul Plan Reader.

Links: http://www.reenagagneja.com/ and http://www.soulalert.com/

Interview recorded 7/17/10.

Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.

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3 thoughts on “029. Reena Gagneja

  1. Thank you, Reena, for you have, indirectly, caused me to remember the path to the self and self-realization. Something you said, and something Rick asked caused me to scan into my past and see all of the instances where I had awakening experiences (those times when my eyes began to open… but after time, used to close). In every experience their was a constant, a thread of activity that was present in all cases. And the simplicity of that thing, more simple than simple, takes only one thing to do in order to begin to have your eyes opened.

  2. We do this thing everyday, and we do it to get something back. It is as simple, simpler than simple, as doing that same thing with no expectations of getting anything – no intention, no ambition, no want, no hope, no fear… no fear….

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