060. Raven Mahosadha

Raven MahosadhaRaven Mahosadha was born in 1960 in Lexington, Kentucky. Since leaving Kentucky at age 18, he has lived and worked in various places throughout the United States, including Chicago and the San Francisco Bay Area. He currently lives in Tucson, Arizona. He is trained as a clinical psychotherapist. He is now retired from providing traditional psychotherapy to clients and now maintains a spiritual counseling practice in Tucson. He refers to himself as a teacher of conscious living. Raven sees this as an expression of teaching and and counseling work that incorporates some elements of traditional psychotherapy with the addition of transpersonal, engaged Buddhist and Sacred Activism elements. Raven views Thich Nhat Hanh as the most influential teacher of his life. He also counts Ammachi or Amma (the hugging saint) and Eckhart Tolle among those whom he has been most profoundly influenced and positively impacted by. Raven is a black man and is an openly queer man and sees all the experiences that could be labeled as both “positive” or “negative” as a result, as contributing significantly to any awakened nature he has obtained. The clearest expression of awakened nature Raven believes he has gained is the imperative to be of service to all living Beings (including himself) in the most complete ways he is able and the insight that there are always new emerging ways to learn to be of service. Everything else is secondary.

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Interview recorded 3/6/2011.

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