018. Jim Flanegin

I was born in California 65 years ago. After only 90 days on earth, I moved with my family to live in Penang, Seville, Djakarta, Manila, and Hong Kong, where my father served as a diplomat in the US Foreign Service.

While searching for a way to reconstitute and integrate myself after so much travel, I learned TM in 1975 (Corvallis, Ore.) and have continued my practice, twice daily, ever since.

I met and married my first wife in Washington D.C. in 1984, and returned to California 17 years ago to pursue opportunities as a global technical training manager for high-tech communications, virtualization, and security companies.

After a lifetime of creating visual art (colored pencil, wood carving, pen and ink), I recently discovered composing, and publishing music; putting my experiences and thoughts in sound, using as many genres as makes sense (techno, classical, modern, jazz, rock, world music.) Transcending forms the basis of my songs. Temple Dog is my artist name and I have just released my fourth album, Beam, through CD Baby, also on iTunes.

I live in Santa Clara Valley (formerly known as the Valley of Heart’s Delight), oranges and avocados in our sunny yard of plants and flowers, with the Buddha, and enjoy a wonderful relationship with my second wife, and my daughter, now 19 and in college.

I realize I haven’t said much about my spiritual liberation and will let the interview speak for itself…

Blog: Winged Victory

Interview recorded 4/18/2010. Audio and video below and as a Podcast.