126. Igor Kufayev, 2nd Interview

Igor KufayevThis is my second interview with Igor. The first one is here. The first interview covers Igor’s personal spiritual journey in detail. In this second interview, we discuss questions inspired by the first interview.

An artist and healer by nature, Igor has been sharing his revelations into the essence of Being since 2002. His approach, in the form of intimate gatherings, silent transmissions and private correspondence, is based on spontaneous and intuitive insight which allows him to empathize with uniqueness of each individual conditioning.

Igor Kufayev was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. In his childhood he had many episodes associated with awakening. At the age of thirty six Igor underwent a radical transformation of consciousness which subsequently blossomed into spontaneous unfoldment of Grace.

Since April 2011, Igor and his family have been based in Costa Rica. He continues working with those who require guidance using various forms of communication.

Other BatGap events with Igor:

Interview recorded 6/9/2012

Interview transcript

Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.

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  1. I am used to the warmer Gangaji, Mooji and even Adyashanti-style presence by now, so at first I found Kufayev to be a bit too cold and intellectual-sounding. I found him more compelling as I stayed with the interview. He seems to possess a brilliant mind, he claims to have awakened to high levels, he has a quiet charm and I even suspect a good sense of humor which he reserves for what he deems appropriate times. While sharing fairly different information, he reminds me of early Alan Watts, without Watts penchant for theater. Kufayev here conveys not only wisdom and information, but also hints at further implications. His particular expertise on Kundalini – including preparation for the possibility of, and warnings regarding – appears so considered, that I am strongly inclined to believe significantly different notions from his to be poor guesses based on limited samples and dubious inferences/understanding.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Anatol. I was ‘there’ btw, at that webinar. The subject of Human Body as the battle ground is actually related to the main topic Vamadeva was addressing.

    @Dolphin – it’s funny you should mention likes of Mooji and Adyashanti in comparison to Igor – Vamadeva, for some of those who sat with these teachers come to him precisely because they didn’t find the help nor the answers, yet on just /seeing hearing Igor speak felt immediate heart connection.

  3. Thank you, this was a very reassuring interview. It seems as though the significant physiological changes I’m experiencing are not discussed or understood by many. Others I have listened to make it seem so easy with no mention of physiology – ?? Why? This for me is a truly embodied internal journey – I like what other teachers say but they aren’t of much help to those in the throws of unexpected awakenings. It seems like when the k awakes – noone really wants to discuss it, ‘the symptoms aren’t to be identified with’ – yes ok I get that, but just to know that you’re not about to internally combust and that you will be able to function and go on with life -given a little clarity from those like sarojini and the depth Igor has is gold on this site. The rest – from my perspective feels like chit chat. Thank you Rick for including these treasures.

  4. Know what? When I firs started into this kinda awakening of mine 20+ years ago, I used to see myself as the only soul on earth having this kind of insights about time, space and consciousness, the very same Igor speaks about in this interview. I would not talk about it to anyone, because I had the feeling that this was going to be an useless effort.
    Recently, many times I’ve had this “aha” feeling attending the words of an skilled or master person, I cannot possibly learn nothing from you or anyone, for this truth cannot be even brushed out the words. If you haven’t had a direct taste of the “enchilada” -I like Rick’s tasty metaphor- you can never figure out what it’s taste out of the list of ingredients neither from other’s experiences. And, i guess that is happening to many many seekers, they mistake the words of some kind of guru which have only a recalling effect of their very own seeker individual experiences for teachings: they think they’re learning something when they’re actually remembering what’s already known: they own true nature.

    Having said that, I don’t mean there’s nothing to learn. My own experience is that the teaching based upon the raw practices, the humble daily paths or techniques that must be taken in order to achieve some sort of growth, are the most powerful for boosting in awakening -yoga, meditation, martial arts or whatever- , more than the epic speeches upon the “true nature of reality”. It takes many many wisdom to enhance the Upanishads or the sutras, and only very few people can achieve this level.
    But, the feel I get hearing guys like Igor, (maybe Adyashanti or Tolle or very few more) is kind of “that’s it” and they speak directly from the experience, but also from the patiently crafted and worked mindfulness of their own awakening.

    Thank You very much Rick and Igor again for this fantastic talk.

  5. At the outset of the above video clip, Igor uses the terms “consciousness” and “awareness” interchangeably (i.e. “the expansion of c(C)onsciusness, the expansion of a(A)wareness”.

    He also speaks to awakening/self-realization-enlightenment as if they are distinct points of experience that occur in a progression.

    If you ever dreamed lucidly, you will recall that time (duration) and space (locality) are aspects of the dream, but not aspects of the a(A)wareness of it.

    All dreams contain progression (time and space), but the a(A)wareness of the dream is aspectless.

    Or so has my lucid dreaming experiences, both with eyes shut and eyes own, revealed to me.

    Which prompts me to encourage you, the reader, to consider that all discussions of things which include a progression (or the aspects of time and space)… to be merely reflections of a dream.

    Awareness of the dream, on the other hand, is devoid of any and all aspects. Including expansion (which requires time and space).

    I wonder if Tim F. touches upon this in his most recent interview with Rick.

  6. Peter ~

    Lucid Dreaming is a manifestation of witnessing over the dreaming and/or deep-sleep states of consciousness.

    Witnessing is impossible unless there is subject present.

    The main emphasis of the above given talk was to examine the often used terms in the light of direct experiences, where the different quality of consciousness dominates over other.

    Seen (object) dominates in waking (ignorance, maya, etc) over seer and seeing.

    Seeing (experience) dominates in awakening over seen and seer.

    Seer (subject) dominates in self-realization over seen and seeing.

    Nothing dominates in Enlightenment – there is no seer and seen, only seeing remains on its own.

    There is no progression. It is a sequential unfoldment of different values. Please watch the vid again there is a slight chance you’ve missed the point.

  7. I’ll be happy to re-view the clip later tonight. Have some errands to perform now.

    Until then, some perceptual seeds for your fertile soil:

    1) Re. “sequential unfoldment”, sequence, like progression, requires the fibers of time and space. Fibers of the fabric of c(C)onsciousness.

    2) Re. “…in Enlightenment – there is no seer and seen, only seeing remains on its own”, what you point your worded finger to as Enlightenment is what I point my worded finger to as Awareness.

    Subject-object is the Dream’s foundation. Being Aware of being Aware, on the other hand, is devoid of all aspects; including subject-object.

    You lumped c(C)onsciousness together with a(A)wareness re. the attribute of expansion, at the video’s outset. Do you still feel the same way? Still (ap)perceive a(A)wareness to possess the attribute of expansion?

  8. Thank you, Peter.

    I’ll respond to your last comment when time permits. Speaking of which is not part of the dream-reality but as real as Space itself. This is were our vision differs. When Awareness all there is, the term as Dream is a redundant concept.

    If you can spare another Ghati (vedic measure of time) here is the part 2 which is based on Q&A


  9. Thanks Rick and Igor for an exploration of many subjects, some not widely covered. Quite enjoyed some details.

    Still don’t quite relate my experience to the overall perspective but will review further and check relevant followup videos.

  10. When we are driving if suddenly some one honked harshly behind our car….. the first jerk comes in the spiritual heart area…..
    we get real jolt in the physical body…..later we understand it was a sound from car behind us… and start analyzing why they honked etc….. but first second we feel the sound in ourself…. not out side….

    I felt this many times…..

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