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    Discussion Thread for Gary Weber interview



    I do have mixed feelings about the encounter of secular science and the spiritual traditions of the past. On the one hand, it’s not tenable to continue maintaining this split. Truth is truth and we need to be able to be open to it where ever we find it. On the other hand, the tools of spirituality can be trivially appropriated for secular goals, such as what happened to yoga, and now with meditation.

    Still this is a step forward over unabashed cut throat capitalism, the unquestioned worship of the ideology of the free market that still predominates in the world. However, even if “good”, it could be missing a depth that requires total surrender to something beyond all our personal or corporate goals. Gary, of course, is much deeper than this.



    I left the interview twenty minutes left of it, I didn’t find it any different than the others…and I do wonder, so much talking…I wonder if ever that say someone who was enlightened, for lack of a better word, would come to an interview without all the thousand and one theories. I left the interview when he said that ‘we try to make it easier for others’, as if we can interfer and mess around in Others’ lifes to make thier go at it easier, i would like to see that!! In all my experiences and the ones i have witnessed, all i see is the inevitable delay of the lesson Life has to teach…I see that in rescueing, well-intentioned Mothers, Lovers, Friends, Caregivers etc. i dont know, i think if we just stopped meddling in peoples lives, and only helped when asked. if someone came to my place giving practices and ideas to help ‘better’ me….id run for my life.

    My idea of an enlightened person is that you can sit with them, or be near them and you just feel peaceful, radiantly peaceful…and accepted, as you are. Some of these interviews are, to me, just well-read on the topic.



    Also from the interview “Helping people have an easy go in life”, is just the Illusion, the one of good and bad, the labeling of it and in my opinion, that’s just more hooey, how can one know that another road that appears to be bumpy isn’t the best thing for them. Again we don’t live in hindsight, and making assumptions isn’t ‘enlightened’ its egoistic to think that ‘my way is the Way’! This unfoldment is infinite, and it’s just another assumption of thinking we go deeper and deeper, perhaps higher, then deeper, in random, there’s no pattern…using an analogy in the interview that “life is a dancer”, suggests pattern…I think it’s more of a SPLAT from a paint brush on the wall



    i agree with kim that the one interviewed leans abit much on the idea that as long as you are silent enough there will be no more life’s lessons and all that accompanies such.

    also when he talks about the brain creating enough dopamine for continious bilss, i thought he has no idea about the function of the sublte body and the connections the physical body has via the sublte to the universal field of being. (in other words, there is more between heaven and earth than dopamine:)



    cspace yes and no, its a paradox: from the absolute prespective not, but from the relative view there is.



    All this time I’ve been whirling
    in the space between your thoughts
    while you were debating what to name
    this silent wildness:
    He or She? I or Thou? Particle or Wave?
    Come now, be a moth, a petal,
    a fountain in a sunbeam.
    Be the final breath.
    Just dance with me,
    and dissolve.

    — Fred LaMotte



    Hooray for Gary Weber for coming up with such a good description, even if from a purely neuroscience point of view …



    Very important article Ernest – thanks…yes certainly a difference between the meditator’s mind and the realized or Silent Mind..glad the distinction was made…Most studies have been done on meditators and there’s a world of difference..

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