127. Deepakbhai Desai

DeepakbhaiDeepakbhai Desai is the current representative of Akram Vignan, a direct path to Self-realization.

Born in Gujarat, India, Deepakbhai met Dada Bhagwan (the originator of Akram Vignan) at the age of 17, and attained Self-realization from him in the Gnan Vidhi ceremony. He credits these two events as the great turning points of his life.

Previously burdened by a shy and introverted nature, Deepakbhai became able to successfully complete his engineering studies and, over the coming decades, to build three successful engineering businesses.

Simultaneously, Deepakbhai was nurtured in further spiritual development by Dada Bhagwan, and Niruma Amin (Dada’s closest disciple). With all available free time, Deepakbhai attended satsangs (spiritual discourse), performed seva (selfless service), and engaged in continuous Self-introspection – devotedly seeking to understand the full dimension of Dada’s spiritual science.

In 1987, before Dada Bhagwan’s passing, Niruma and Deepakbhai were given the spiritual abilities to conduct satsangs and Gnan Vidhi ceremonies on Dada’s behalf. Together, they carried on Dada’s mission with tremendous harmony and spirit of oneness until Niruma’s sudden passing in 2006. Since then, Deepakbhai has officiated over a burgeoning spiritual community (Simandhar City, Gujarat, India), celibate male and female groups, teen and children’s programs, and ongoing world-wide satsang and Gnan Vidhi programs for seekers of Self-realization.

Deepakbhai is beloved by all who meet him, and is renowned both for his extraordinary levels of awareness and extreme humility.

His remarkable spiritual achievements are demonstrated in every instance of his selfless life.

For further information, and for Deepakbhai’s tour schedule, please visit: http://www.dadabhagwan.org/

All satsang and Gnan Vidhi programs are offered entirely free of cost.

Interview recorded 6/16/2012

Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.

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  1. I agree, it would be very interesting to know something of your experience Rick. I think your questioning was excellent. I don’t feel as though there was ever an answer to the …. first there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is …. I like Rupert Spira for this topic. I found this man’s voice really hypnotic and wanted to drift off! So thanks for keeping me there with your questions!

  2. To be honest, and I mean no disrespect to Deepakbhai or any of his followers who may be reading this, I didn’t really notice much from gnan vidhi. I noticed a lot more from just sitting and talking with Deepakbhai.

    Most of the Gnan Vidha process was in Gujarati. I felt that the English phrases he sometimes repeated described my existing experience to a great extent, but that if it weren’t already my experience, they probably would do little to make it so. But I’ve never been a flashy experience kind of guy. A friend who went through the process years ago said this: “For me it was an internal explosion of insight and Shakti and liberation; there is no denying that. I even had a vision of Dadashri just before the explosion.”

    And the friend with whom I drove up to Chicago is so impressed with it that she lives in his ashram in India. So I’m not in a position to encourage or discourage anyone. I don’t feel it’s my path, but I respect those who do.

  3. Hi,
    I am Nada from Germany and got Gnan in 2008. This Gnan is working at such a subtle level in the beginning, I know a lot of people, they didn´t experienced something directly after Gnan Vidhi. But when time goes by a little bit – you will experience the difference from within. The absolute unshakable real knowledge of “I am Pure Soul” will never leave you, as well as the 5 agnas – “who is the real doer” and “settle the files …” – this Gnan is working from within and the right understanding will show you, where “wrong” understanding still is in the relative self. This light of Gnan is amazing and pure grace and it grows from within day by day – you will experience it as well, dear Rick, I´m shure. I did a lot before, but nothing “worked” in such a way like this Gnan.
    May everyone find his true self and inner happiness, peace and bliss.
    Highest Namaskars and love to all

  4. This was interesting Rick, I thought this gentleman had a sincere and gentle energy. I liked him and he may be at some level of awakening but I felt like you had a better grasp of Advaita than him. It seems this idea of an eternal matter and the idea of a distinct soul in bliss forever are dualistic notions.

  5. If ALL notions
    are dualistic in nature,
    then it may be
    just a matter of
    which ones are more
    entertaining to us
    than others.

  6. Mmmm I was reminded often through this interview of Tony Parsons observation that the mind loves complexity ,what with its 27 levels of enlightenment and the number of births before full purity is reached oh and don’t forget the must try harder as if you haven’t yet reached enlightenment it must be that you are not doing it right like the Guru did .
    Truth is incredibly simple it is the mind that likes to make it complicated. It is it’s simplicity that keeps it hidden.
    I just noticed during this interview that it meant nothing to me it seemed all mind derived concepts and I’ve had enough of those…..
    Maybe others will find resonance

  7. This interview felt like watching and listening to Peter Sellers’ character “Chance” in Being There.
    Or better yet, The Emperor’s New Clothes.

  8. Touvino – thanks for sharing that. Very interesting, and yes, it sounds very familiar. We aren’t having enlightenment experiences – just experiencing mini-strokes 🙂 There was a poster on here some time back who claimed all these spiritual experiences were the result of brain damage. He was ultimately kicked off the site! Keep that “right” brain going.

  9. Hi Rick
    If Gnan Vidha is to give a taste of awakening or help it along and you’re already awake, why would there be any experience? There is nothing to be given.
    At the same time, sitting with others awake tends to amplify the awakeness so would be noticeable.

  10. Interesting interview and insightful. But I always find it disappointing to see someone awake, convinced they have the “correct” understanding and thus reject further unfoldment. Just as someone not yet awake may reject the idea of an observer independent of the body as impossible, here he rejects unity of experience as impossible. This in spite of long traditions expressing otherwise.

    Its also a curious human phenomena that we assume because I experienced it that way and my teacher did, then this must be the only way it unfolds. Although in his case it may simply be dogma – its what his teacher told him.

    This duality (dwaita) is a very real and important step in the journey. But to use his analogy, to think that once you’ve reached the airport that you’re at the destination is a loss. The richness of Self Realization is great but unity puts it in the kindergarten of awakening.

    I enjoyed his thoughts on the discharging of karma. I’ve noticed that some people have very comfortable lives post-waking while others seem to accelerate the karmic burn. (laughs) Its good to understand these points. Thanks Rick.

  11. All talk of levels is of the mind only…no mind..no levels..very simple and very freeing…So far these past 16 years, I’ve yet to notice a boundary in consciousness..

    As Jill Bolte Taylor so beautifully pointed out, it’s the thinking left brained mind that keeps us bound to conditioned existence.

    And sadly, because the mind has not yet been silenced in many spiritual enclaves and even among many who claim enlightenment, we tend to see things in terms of linear time – staying locked in our bodies…..We also tend to have the very experience that the mind expects to have..

    Often the heaviest spiritual illusion is that of climbing ladders -going from here to there – following what has been laid out by the guru..and then believed and lived…

    But there’s no person going anywhere – having experiences of this or that…That’s the joke.. This is the illusion that gets seen through when the mind dissolves into the heart..

    When we are willing to let go of all teachings – all dogma and turn within to see the Truth for ourselves, Grace comes, and we find Reality….

    Surrender does not ever mean surrender to a ‘person’ and his map of reality – but rather, surrender to the Self -the satguru within…

  12. First there is a mountain then there is no mountain then there is… There are no levels. There are levels. Both/And. There is no cup. It’s only molecules. There are no molecules, only atoms. There are no atoms, only electrons and subatomic particles. There are no particles, only strings. There are no strings, only the unified field. All true. Yet there are cups, molecules, atoms, electrons & subatomic particles, strings. So sure, there are no levels, no persons, etc. Yet there are. Both paradoxically and simultaneously true. Some truer than others maybe, but all have their places.

  13. Watching the Jill Bolte Taylor talk reminded me of an old conversation I had with someone who had DP/DR (Depersonalization/Derealization Disorder)..

    He would describe random experiences of deja vu, when his normally permanent/solid perception of reality would suddenly shatter, and how it totally freaked him out. He was attending an anxiety support group to try to cope with these unwanted symptoms.

    At that time I was still relatively new and naive with non-duality teachings. All I could recognize and feel was a sense of awe, as his symptoms mirrored almost exactly the same descriptions non-dual spiritual teachers talk of awakening and enlightenment.

    So my form of ‘compassion’ was to try to convince him how great his DP/DR symptoms really were. Never really getting down and dirty to fully listen and feel the real suffering and pain (to him) the experience and symptoms were causing him.

    Shinzen Young has a great youtube video describing DP/DR as enlightenment’s evil twin, in the comments section you can read through the wide variety of DP/DR experiences people have.

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zIKQCwDXsA&version=3&hl=en_US&rel=0%5D

  14. RIck – my friend -You’ve held on to that witnessing view through 127 interviews…sigh..I will say you are persistent…but truly – it’s this ‘idea’ that keeps you bound..

    If you could entertain for just a moment that the persona as you know it, might not be as real as you think, a huge knot can be untied..Only the highest Truth can set us free, but we have to be open to it..

    As long as the thinking mind is operative, we can’t know the full truth..We have to let go – and then Presence – and not the individual illusion – lives both absolute and relative realities seamlessly..without division…But first we have to go to the mountain and see clearly that there’s no one there…
    A TM teacher friend who attended Raja Raams recent talk in NYC wrote to say that Raja was asked a question about the movement from GC to UC and his comment was – ‘It’s hard, because in UC there’s no one left to enjoy it’…

    Even though he was talking levels, as that’s how the question was framed from the TM audience..I’m glad that at least someone in the movement is speaking something close to final Truth..if only for the moment…This tells me he’s gone beyond duality experiencially..Maharishi’s direct Grace there..and I hope it spreads..

  15. Hi Jill
    Thanks for sharing that quote. Believe it or not, I actually largely agree with your points. The idea of states or levels of consciousness was I think an attempt to integrate Vedic ideas with western science. However, its fundamentally flawed as it doesn’t really serve the experience.

    That said, most people (but not all) do experience stages of development that may at first appear like levels, just as the universe appears to have levels when we’re inside it. The stages model works better and was notably proposed and published by Dr. Skip Alexander while a prof at MIU. Such a model also aligns with other teachings, like Adyashantis “head, heart, gut” and so forth. Once unity is established, stages are left behind and it’s more a progressive deepening. The Brahma Sutras mark the realizations of that process.

    As to the quote, what Dr. Nadar mentions is kind of like a “dry CC”, where freedom has arisen but the bliss has not yet engaged. Similarly, in the Unity switch the core identity or sense of person falls away. Without that reference point, there is “no one left to enjoy”. However, when that deepens further into Brahman, we as-if become the universal enjoyer itself. This is a value of enjoyment that far surpasses anything a separate witness can enjoy. (hence my comment above)

    As the interviewee observed, such development takes time and the clearing of the past 360, in the total space (akasha) of experience.

  16. Deepakbhai seems genuine, but it is clear based on his discussion of the elements that he has not realized non-duality. He is locked into the half-way stage of discrimination between subject and object.

    If you are seeking the nondual “state” I’d recommend Rupert Spira.

  17. David –
    That was very engaging to read – I always enjoy your posts – we just have a different concept of time…I live outside of it – resting prior to it..

    In the View here, stages belong to the mind only..As long as the mind is operative, we think we go through stages..and are on a path to somewhere…

    The only awakening I know is an awakening directly into Brahman – into the non dual Self – no ego/mind left to undergo or notice a transformative process..as there’s no one there to experience that….Universal Love is this Reality..

    We all speak from our experience – and my role apparently, is to speak of this non-dual Reality..Others speak of stages- What’s true, is If we believe in stages, we will have to endure them..Outside of time there are none..and we can go directly there if only we’d allow it…A deep surrender is called for..

    The most profound awakenings I’ve witnessed were in those who had no previous concept of stages..they were innocent of such notions- just came out of great suffering – and letting go completely…they found freedom…

    It’s the fear of the unknown – of death – of losing complete control -that keeps us climbing that imaginary ladder….

    Love to you..

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