026. Dr. Rahasya Fritjof Kraft

Dr. Rahasya Fritjof KraftRahasya is a mystic, physician, spiritual teacher and author who has been working with people for more than 33 years. Meeting his master in 1980 revolutionized his life and led to a deep understanding of his being.

Rahasya’s teaching is simple, profound and deeply transformative.


Interview recorded 6/23/10.

Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.

Video also available on Facebook in 20-minute segments.

One thought on “026. Dr. Rahasya Fritjof Kraft

  1. I want to share your enthusiasm and certainty that a time is coming very soon when people from all walks of life will be awakening in depth. I do hope this happens. But let’s admit, shall we, that we can’t be certain of it. Not only the short timeline, but even that such an occurence will take place. I’m sure you are influenced by the Oneness Movement which you talk about in the interview. Perhaps from Osho’s teachings to on the subject. Anyway, it would be extraordinary, let us pray.

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