104. Lisa Cairns

Lisa CairnsLisa started spiritually seeking in her early 20’s. She had her first awakening in 2005 after attending a talk given by Tony Parsons. After this, she spent some time in India with Ramesh Balsekar. It was there that she met her final teacher, Roger Castillo, who was also a student of Ramesh. She lived with him for three years in Australia during which time many falsehoods were seen through. In the beginning of 2011, Lisa’s awakening stabilized and the seeker fell away. Lisa now enjoys communicating the nature of Happiness to anyone desperate enough to know the truth.

Lisa’s website

Interview recorded 1/7/2012

Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast. This video is 720p resolution, so you may want to watch it full-screen.

502 thoughts on “104. Lisa Cairns

  1. Surely the relevance of all the seeking is each of the practices that were not liberation are pointers away from practices that are not liberation.
    Spiritual seeking is just more entertainment, like anxiety, depression or illness.
    Man your site assumes a lot about Math skills LOL :-)

  2. Apparently, the separate minding wants desperately that the awaken perspective gives it a little chance. That ain’t gonna happen. The description from the awaken is utterly simple and disarming for the description from the separate perspective, that it surely seems ruthless.

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