135. Ilona Ciunaite and Elena Nezhinsky

Ilona Ciunaite and Elena Nezhinsky are the founders of Liberation Unleashed, an international network of people dedicated to guiding people to awakening from the illusion of separation. Both Ilona and Elena have seen through the illusory nature of the apparent separate self, which is nothing more than a mental construct—a concept that when thoroughly questioned clearly reveals that there is nothing behind the word ‘me’ at all.

Ilona CiunaiteIlona was born in Lithuania and now lives in the UK. She has a degree in psychology, but has never worked in the field; instead she works as a tattoo artist, running her own studio together with her husband. She is a simple and ordinary human with a mind set to focus on freedom for herself an those who find her. Her blog, “Marked, Eternal“, is collection of articles and conversations that demonstrate how easy it is to see that there is no self when one is ready and willing to look. She has always been interested in the ‘mind’ as such and enjoyed studying the subject from different angles. Observing her own mind led to a deep understanding of how the mind works, how to overcome confusion and free it from feedback loops. She has been a seeker like many others, but had never attended a retreat or satsang until after awakening.

Her work is inspired by Pamela Wilson’s methods and is a fusion of various methods she has picked up over years of inquiring into the mystery of mind. Her main focus and work is helping people end their seeking by inviting them to question their fundamental assumptions and look at their own direct experience. She does not give answers, but only questions. In this way a seeker may see what is going on for themselves, and free their minds from conditioned patterns, to explore whatever comes next. She has been guiding people at no charge through email and at TheGate forum for over a year, with great success, allowing seekers to clearly and deeply see for themselves that there is no separate entity, no ‘me’.

Elena NezhinskyElena Nezhinsky met her close friend and a senior teacher of the Gurdjieff Way in 1998, and since then began a serious investigation of the mind and feelings, and searching for the truth of being. The sudden death of her teacher brought her to a Vipassana meditation practice of mind purification, which she did diligently for 7 years in frequent silent retreats. After leaving Vipassana she found Adyashanti, and spent a week in retreat with him, which made her ponder that there are other ways to awakening. In 2010 Elena woke up to the reality of “no self” with the help of Direct Pointing. Since then she has been helping others to awaken and see the truth of anatta – no self with the same method.

Elena lives in New York City with her grown-up son Daniel and her dog Zenji. Her blog “Complete Humanity” is a collection of her work with people and personal writings. She is very transparent in sharing her journey of awakening and on-going integration.

Ilona and Elena met in London, which started the wave of guiding people through the gateless gate. Utilising the skills of other members of the LU group, they published a book called Gateless Gatecrashers, which is a great resource for those who are still seeking to end the spiritual search.

Liberation Unleashed is a rapidly expanding, international project that brings seekers together with those who have awakened and are dedicated to guiding or simply share experiences in a community that is based on honesty and love. There is no greater joy than bringing joy to other hearts and celebrating the gift of freedom.

Interview Recorded 8/18/2012

Video and audio below. Audio also available as a Podcast.

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  1. Either I trust that everyone is embracing exactly the perception that they need to be embracing at the moment, or…

    I don’t trust that to be the case and proceed to convince you that another perception is more worthy your embrace.

    How we respond to a differing perception… can be an effective measure of our trust.

  2. Uli, I like the “Bhukti in their Mukti” comment! And Vama, I like the Shiva=Jiva unifier. Tis the spice in life.

  3. The more we rest in the Self – the more we call forth Love…This is the bliss of Being..It’s just a matter of opening to the Vastness that we are and allowing the unfoldment to deepen..Then we rejoice in whatever arises..

    Speaking of Love – Braco is in NYC for the weekend to gaze upon the city…info at braco.net

  4. snow:
    I have tried dowsing actually. On my parents property. And I would’ve had better luck spinning until I couldn’t see straight and pointing in a random direction. Or would it be random? :)

  5. Dear All,
    New in these forums and haven’t read all of your comments, though enough to see this was a very controversial interview. What struck me about it when I first heard it a couple of months ago was the ordinariness of Ilona and Elena. I was inspired to try the LU process – I thought ‘what have I got to lose?’ the shift was profound. I wouldn’t call myself enlightened or awakened or liberated, though I do feel liberated from some very burdensome identifications and stories. Most importantly the process helped me experience Being and from this has come a deep sense of rest, peace and trust. Before that I was always ‘trying’ – at war within myself, with many conflicting thoughts. Being able to see these as thoughts has helped me sink more deeply into being and embodied experience with acceptance – rather than seeking an ideal state (whether inner or outer). I am profoundly grateful to Ilona and Elena for creating this forum of ‘liberation’ for the people, by the people, without gurus or experts, but simply a bunch of ordinary humans enquiring together. And deepest thanks to Rick for drawing attention to this free and effective process. I see many very happy participants on the others side of the ‘Gateless Gate’ who’ve clearly experienced profound shifts in their lives. It’s not the end, but the beginning of a whole new wonderful journey. And there are a limitless number of paths home – why do we have to compare or diminish one against another? For me, this was the perfect next step at the perfect time. But then, isn’t that always the case? :-)

  6. P.s. I saw something in the comments about people being ‘tricked’. The only tricks being played are the ones we play on ourselves. And I’m sure the efficacy of the confirmation process in the LU forum is at least partially dependent upon the honesty of the participant – perhaps one of its weak points as a process – but hey, it’s free and available to all with Internet access. I’m sure other experts and coaches out there might charge 100s or 1000s of dollars for the guiding process gifted here by many generous and often wise individuals. I’m very very glad I found it.

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