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    I’ve tried fourteen times to post in General Comments, since the math has gone, it seems the new system is unable to recognize correct spelling.



    I’m with ya Kim. I didn’t see that you started a thread on this. I can’t get on either!



    I dragged the milk bottle to the cup of coffee & it seems to have worked. At least I see it!



    Oh boy, new fun and games!! Question for Rick, or one of his techie volunteers: I used to be able to follow the commentary by clicking on the ‘Comments RSS’ feed at the bottom of right hand column, where one could find all the various commentary conveniently located on a single page, but that RSS link doesn’t connect to comments in the new forum. Is that fixable Rick, Dan or Hemant?



    WEll Done Kimster…. I was about to suggest we do this if we lose our current living room in (GC). Not keen on the furniture in here and could use a better coffee machine but hey, we’ll get used to it…

    A self confessed lurker in gem comm some days ago said it would be nice to include a ‘like’ option so that lurkers could ‘like’ comments without having to make a comment… IS THAT POSSIBLE TECHNICIAN PERSON????



    HI All,

    – It now looks like general comments is working
    – I can’t see a way to have a like button but will have a look!
    – Thanks all for letting us know

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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